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Piece Title : Kaleidoscope
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Composer / Arranger : Lipner, Arthur
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Arthur Lipner’s career has spanned three decades and is going stronger than ever since he began g gigging professionally at age 14.  He has emerged as one of the leading vibes and marimba voices of today.  As such he is one of the few musicians carrying the message of jazz mallets into the 21st century.  Arthur’s live performances and recorded projects convey an exuberant drive of creativity and depth.  His travels around the globe as a jazz musician and percussionist have delighted audiences and critics alike.   Of a recent live performance, the Chronicle Herald (Nova Scotia) wrote, “Lipner belongs to that rare category of master player that includes Art Tatum and Oscar Peterson...” Arthur’s latest cd, “Brasilian Vibes”, was nominated for “Best Brasilian cd of 2010” by The Brasilian Press Awards.

Arthur’s quest for new musical experiences in his life have taken him to Ghana for a performance with the National Dance Company of Ghana, to Norway for a concert on an ice percussion instrument he constructed,  the streets of Rio with Carnival bands and to the recording studio with Tuvan throat singers ALASH. 

As a bandleader Lipner has been to most of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Morocco, Malaysia, the Caribbean and throughout Europe many times.  He is one of the most in-demand mallet clinicians at universities everywhere.

In July 2010 Arthur performed his concerto MALLET FANTASIA in Lima, Peru.  January 2009 found Arthur touring in Croatia and Slovenia, sponsored by the US Embassy.  In Nov. 2009 he completed his 12th tour in Brazil, performing in Salvador (Bahia), Rio de Janeiro, and with orchestra in Sao Paolo.  Brazilian music has become an integral part of Arthur’s activities in recent years.  He has recorded in NYC and Rio de Janeiro with numerous artists including guitarist Nelson Faria (currently with Joao Bosco) and woodwind artist Ze Luis.  His current working band is called “Arthur Lipner and Brazilian Vibes”.  

All of Arthur’s six solo albums as a leader have been personal statements with creative risk while at the same time not ignoring the commercial sensibilities of the mainstream marketplace.  His latest album, “Brasilian Vibes”, was released July 2010. On this recording, Arthur reaches to the common African roots of Brazilian percussion and his own vibes/marimba, yielding unique new music with richness and integrity that grooves all the way through.  Blending folkloric Brazilian rhythms and native instruments with his own jazz/improvisational mentality, Brasilian Vibes is sure to turn plenty of heads around the world.  Guests include American trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, and Brasilian guitarists Vinicius Cantuaria and Nelson Faria.

Jazzheads Records released his fifth solo project “Modern Vibe” in July 2004.  Critics raved about this  contemporary and refreshing mix of R&B, Funk and Brazilian.  Arthur is joined by NYC and Brazilian musicians including Nelson Faria (Joao Bosco), Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra) and David Finck (Rod Stewart).  His prior album (1998) is “Portraits In World Jazz” with guitarist Vic Juris, pianist Fred Hersch, and percussionist Glen Velez. This album is a percussionist’s delight, with different world grooves in a mix of originals and standards.  Arthur’s prior album (1994) is called “The Magic Continues”, a grooving fusion disc with saxophonist Bob Mintzer, drummer Joel Rosenblatt and other guests.  This album contains the original recording of “Lime Juice,” a percussion ensemble favorite. His first solo project (1990), “In Any Language”,  has a mixture of original music. Mostly groove-oriented and quite well-received by press, this album features Bob Mintzer on several tracks. This album contains the original recording of Arthur’s compositions “Some Uptown Hip-Hop” and “City Soca”, which is a popular favorite at percussion programs in high schools and colleges around the world. Arthur plays steel drums on that track.

Arthur started playing classical piano at age 6 and continued through age 14. Concurrently, he studied jazz piano beginning at age 11.  His first jazz teacher was the legendary John Mehegan, who’s jazz method books were among the very first on the topic to be published.  Arthur attended the Univ of Delaware as a Plant Pathology undergrad, focusing on disease resistance and genetics.  He did one year in the Nutrition Dept. at the same school as a Graduate Research Student.  But, after returning from a three-week tour in Central America, he started a large fire in the laboratory.
This event, along with tough classes in Organic Biochemistry and feeding studies (which included breaking the necks of 100 full-grown chickens and grinding test gerbils in a blender) helped him affirm that his true passion - and gift - was music.  He went briefly to the Univ. of North Texas, then in 1984 relocated permanently to New York City.  In the early 2000’s Arthur studied orchestration at The Juilliard School.

As a bandleader Lipner has been to most of the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, England, Scotland, Morocco, Malaysia, the Caribbean and throughout Europe.  He is one of the most in-demand mallet clinicians at universities everywhere.

In 2002, after studying composition and orchestration at Juilliard,  Arthur completed writing a concerto for Vibes/Marimba soloist and orchestra.  In 2005 he premiered this work, titled MALLET FANTASIA, in Rio de Janeiro with the National Symphony Orchestra of Brazil (UFF). It has been performed by he and many others around the world since 2005.

Over seventy-five of Arthur’s compositions have been released on recordings.  His music has been used on radio, film and tv soundtracks in such places as Finland, Japan, Belgium, The Netherlands, and England.  His compositions have been recorded twenty times by various groups.  Arthur’s  appearances as a NYC session player has led to tracks for everything from Bluegrass to Brazilian to Christmas albums, the tv shows "Sesame Street," "Designing Women," Bill Cosby`s "It`s A Different World," Japanese tv, a French film score, and dozens of radio and tv commercials. 

Arthur has presented over 300 workshops throughout the world, with invitations to teach at some of the most prestigious universities in the USA and Europe including The Juilliard School (NYC) and Sweelink Conservatory (Amsterdam).  He has been on the Faculty of The Brabants Conservatory in Tilburg, Holland,  Drummers Collective (NYC), State Univ. of NY (Purchase) and Univ. of Bridgeport (CT).  He is sponsored by the Conn/Selmer Company and Mike Balter Mallets as an artist/clinician, and has performed at three PASIC conventions.

Arthur’s THE VIBES REAL BOOK (1996) is the most comprehensive guide to jazz vibes.  “Jazz Mallets: IN SESSION” (2000) is the first-ever play-along book for vibes and marimba.  “From Lead Sheets To Hip Solos”, improvisation for all instruments, was released in 2003 by Carl Fischer Music. 

Arthur started the publishing company MalletWorks Music in1996. MalletWorks has carved a unique and essential place in the realm of percussion publications.  In additional all its own titles, MalletWorks is the exclusive worldwide distributor of all works by leading percussionist Ney Rosauro.  All Lipner compositions and recordings are available at MalletWorks Music (malletworks.com). 

Total Number of Percussionists Required :1 Percussionist(s)
Categories : Tuned Percussion
Instrument / Discipline :
Instrumentation : N/A
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums :
Written for / Commissioned by : Arthur Lipner
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Arthur Lipner
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :MalletWorks
Publishers Website :www.malletworks.com
Publisher Details :

MalletWorks Music began in 1996. Arthur Lipner had completed the groundbreaking Vibes Real Book was in negotiation with Hal Leonard about an “Arthur Lipner Series” of educational methods including that book. In his dialogs with HL, Arthur began to picture something much larger: he saw an opportunity to bring together leading musicians and composers in his circle who specialize in mallet-based music focused around the jazz and World Music idioms. MalletWorks Music was thus born that year.

MalletWorks has to date released a mid-sized catalog of high quality print and recorded works, many of which have withstood the test of time and become standard in the realms of education and performance.  Highlights include the Vibes Real Book, Milt Jackson: Transcribed Solos Of The Master (Lipner), and compositions/arrangements by David Friedman, Dave Samuels and  Mike Mainieri. Ensemble releases include the MalletWorks Big Band Mallet Feature Series by Bob Mintzer, the MalletWorks Drumline Mallet Features series by Jeff Moore, the Sticks To Latin Salsa Percussion Ensemble series by Rolando Morales-Matos, and Styles & Smiles (a set of eight beginning-level introductory percussion ensemble and battery pieces).

The other important aspect of the MalletWorks Music story is the partnership with Ney Rosauro and Rosauro’s publishing company Pro Percussao. Ney and Arthur first met in the early 1980’s at UMiami, and were reacquainted during a tour in Poland in the mid-90’s – around the same time that Arthur was conceptualizing starting MalletWorks. Ney and Arthur forged their partnership early on. MalletWorks is the exclusive worldwide distributor for all titles in Rosauro’s Pro Percussao catalog. Pro Percussao and MalletWorks have collaborated publishing numerous titles. Exciting news: Arthur and Ney are preparing a duo recording, and accompanying selected published works, for 2012.
MalletWorks also has a rentals division, MalletWorks Rentals. MalletWorks Rentals handles all worldwide rentals of Rosauro’s concerti and large-ensemble works as well the Orchestral and Wind Ensemble arrangements of Lipner Mallet Fantasia. 

MalletWorks publishes a very small percent of unsolicited works it receives.  For anyone interested in submitting to MalletWorks for publication, please send an email to malletworksmusic@yahoo.com describing your material.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :1995 / 
Duration :8Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :4
Special Needs :
Sheet Music Available From :www.malletworks.com      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

Vibraphone Solo, four mallets required. Kaleidoscope originated from the same technical exploration from which Crystal Mallet came. It is also a trance-like piece requiring dynamics balance and a strong rhythmic pulse, however contains more harmonic shifts, is a bit more adventurous, and also a bit more technically demanding. Utilizes an S-A-T-B type of approach with each mallet representing a voice. Bass, Tenor and Alto establish the basic groove. The main theme modulates, and is followed by leads to a four-mallet chordal section. There is an area for optional improvisation. When the composer performs the piece, he extends the ending into another theme with improvisation.

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Posted By : Mastertltt    Date Posted: 23 October 2012 04:28:23 AM
First half of this piece is some scale wise licks, and the second half of this solo is chords, then you get towards the end and incorporates both together to end the piece. Make sure you take your time with learning the accented passages, that will be your biggest concern, there is not a lot of dynamic contrast throughout the piece, but that can be changed by your own discretion. Has chord changes to work on improving if thats a choice, and a lot of pedaling markings, so make sure you learning the pedal or it will be bleeding through the passages. This piece is complicated enough to be on recital.
Posted By : adg251    Date Posted: 26 September 2011 09:17:22 AM
This solo contains scale figures, solo over written accompaniment, modulation from Db Ma to Dmi, room for improvisation and pedal markings. Requires 4 mallets and would make for an interesting addition to a recital.
Posted By : Tim Palmer    Date Posted: 25 February 2008 02:02:00 PM
This piece has become a solid favourite for recitals, exam performances and concerts at our college. A great vibes piece with plenty to work on!
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