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Piece Title : Slender Beams of Solid Rhythm
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Level : Junior / Senior
Composer / Arranger : Hollinden, Dave (1958-)
Composer / Arranger Details:

Dave Hollinden has composed extensively for percussion, and his music is widely performed in the US and overseas. He has a unique voice that speaks not only of his training in composition but also of his background in rock music and his affinity for rhythm and number. He has been the recipient of grants from Artist Trust, the Seattle Arts Commission, the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts, and the Artist Support Program of Jack Straw Productions.

His Bachelors Degree in Composition is from Indiana University, where he studied with Harvey Sollberger and Juan Orrego-Salas. He received his Masters Degree in Composition from the University of Michigan, where he studied with Fred Lerdahl, William Albright and Leslie Bassett.

He has received commissions from Sole Nero - Tony DiSanza and Jessica Johnson (duets for piano and percussion), Michael Burritt (marimba solo), Nick Petrella (multi-percussion solo), Nachiko Maekana (multi-percussion solo), Central Washington University (percussion octet), Midlothian High School (wind ensemble), and Victoria Memorial High School (percussion octet). His music appears on recordings by Sole Nero (Musica per Due), Joseph Gramley (American-De-Construction), the Ethos Percussion Group (Ethos), Michael Burritt (Shadow Chasers), and Equilibrium/Michael Udow (Border Crossing).

His own CD, Slender Beams, was created in collaboration with percussionist Andrew Spencer and features both live and studio recordings of his music. Date of birth: October 14, 1958.

Total Number of Percussionists Required :1 Percussionist(s)
Categories : Untuned Percussion
Instrument / Discipline : Multiple Percussion Solo
Instrumentation : Bell Plate / Brake Drum / Cow Bell (x2) / Crash Cymbal / Guiro / Maraca (x2) / Metal Pipe/Plate / Nipple Gong / Small Bass Drum / Tambourine / Tom (x4) / Wood Block (x2)
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : NA
Written for / Commissioned by : Nick Petrella
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 C Alan Publications
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :C. Alan Publications
Publishers Website
Publisher Details :

C. Alan Publications was founded in 1989 to fill a need for high-quality percussion literature.  Since that time, they have adhered to the highest standards of music integrity in the percussion music they publish.  In 1997, they added a line of concert band music to their catalogue, which continues to flourish.  More recently they added music for orchestra (youth, string and full), brass ensemble, chorus, jazz ensemble and chamber ensembles. 

In addition they are the sole distributor of 'Whole Sum Productions' percussion catalogue (WS).  Their music receives extensive exposure through performances on international concerts, clinics and conventions and is widely available on compact disc.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :1991 /  1994
Duration :14Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :2
Special Needs :NA
Sheet Music Available From      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

Slender Beams is structured as follows: Opening solo on one tom tom (Intensley Focused) multiple percussion section (Ritualistic, Mischievous) tom toms only, in spatial notation (Remote) extended maraca solo (Intensely Focused, Moody, Driving and Energetic) multiple percussion section (Ritualistic) closing solo on tom toms (Intensely Focused)

Take care to make your setup as compact as possible. The four tom-toms should be right next to each other. Rather than leave space between the toms for the cowbells, raise the cowbells a bit and position them slightly over the top of the toms. The brake drum, bell plate, pipe, tambourine, and guiro should be as close together as possible on a small table next to the highest tom. Similarly, the log drum, wood blocks and temple blocks should be as close together as possible on a small table next to the lowest tom. Curve the whole setup in an arc so that you can reach the lowest and highest instruments simultaneously, such as when you need to play the guiro and log drum together in the first Ritualistic section (page 3, line 6). Place the bass drum to the left of the log drum, and place the cymbal and opera gong within reach as desired. (Although I recommend small tables, there may be stands that work just as well.)

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