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Piece Title : Octabones
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Composer / Arranger : Morag, Adi
Composer / Arranger Details:

Adi Morag, percussionist, composer and teacher, was born in Israel 1976.

In 1996 Morag established PercaDu, a world class percussion duo together with Tomer Yariv.

As a member of PercaDu, Adi Morag has played as a soloist with leading orchestras such as:

New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Munich Bavarian State Orchestra, Tel Aviv Soloists Ensemble under the baton of celebrated conductors such as Maestro Zubin Mehta, Maestro Pierre Boulez, Marin Alsop and more.

Adi Morag performed in festivals such as Verbier Festival, Israel Festival (three times), Reykjavik Arts Festival, TIPC Festival in Taiwan, Kaunass Jazz Festival, Red Sea Jazz Festival, Introvert Music Festival and more. Adi Morag has also conducted master classes in universities around the world including Julliard School of Music, N.Y.


In 2009 Adi Morag was a member of the jury in the International Percussion Competition in Luxembourg where he also gave a master class.

As a composer Adi Morag, wrote and published several percussion duo works (Shaharit, Kol Kadum, Arse Poetics and Octabones).

The marimba duo "Octabones" won the Percussive Arts Society Composition Competition in 1999, and became a part of the standard repertoire for marimba duo.


Since forming "PercaDu" Adi Morag won the following prizes together with Tomer Yariv:

- The First Prize at the Percussive Arts Society International Competition,

- The Jury prize and the Audience Prize at the International Percussion Competition in Luxembourg,

-First prize as "Best Chamber Music Ensemble" at the Aviv Music Competitions

-First Prize at the Tel-Aviv Academy of Music Chamber Music Competition,

- Israel`s Minister of Culture Prize for Excellency in Music, 

- The Landau Prize for outstanding culture contribution in Israel, 

- America – Israel Cultural Foundation scholarships both as soloists as

well as a duo since 1993,

- Chosen Artists by the Israel Culture Excellence Foundation (IcExcellence),


Selected Press Reviews of PercaDu`s performances


The New York Times:

“…There was a sense of living on the edge… played with impressive energy by the virtuosic PercaDu musicians.”

“ At times the entire orchestra played second fiddle, overshadowed by the fiery percussion.”

“The performance was rewarded with boisterous ovation. As an encore, PercaDu performed an elegant transcription of the Prelude from Bach’s English suite.”


Vivien Schweitzer,  The New York Times. March 19,  2009


"…when PercaDu started their performance, time stopped. Taken back by the huge amount of instruments on stage some people wondered nevertheless: "can they do anything to surprise us?" Soon such attitudes were transformed into astonishment and even religious ecstasy. Fairly unknown to the Kaunas audience before the concert, members of the band left the stage with the crowd cheering for more. They had many reasons to feel they had won the city over. They were voted the biggest discovery of the kaunas Jazz while women would have liked to see them win the title of the "gentlemen of the year!" 

Kaunas Jazz festival 2006 magazine 


”Genius percussion players…they were like magicians when they played….Tomer Yariv and Adi Morag are unique percussionists and their concert was an outstanding experience!”

Reykjavik Arts Festival, Morgunblaoio Newspaper, Iceland


"Masters of percussion… They are true with strong pulse and backbone, high level professionals with creative thinking. Like many contemporary music chamber ensembles PercaDu can be proud of a wide list of pieces, which are written exactly for them, for various combinations of percussion instruments. The performance of PercaDu has become an unforgettable adventure"

Introvert Music FestivalNeatkaRiga Otrdiena, Latvia

“…Yariv and Morag managed to tease a range of textures and colors out of their instruments that would have many pianists turn green with envy…they are moving about stage with dramatic grace, their sense of showmanship is always subordinate to the music…”

The Jerusalem Post, Israel


 “…The diversity of their styles, tones, colors, forms, and even melodic elements was astonishing… The Duo`s virtuoso command of their instruments, their refined musical test, verve and impressive energies demonstrated a high degree of musicianship…”

The Jerusalem Post, Israel


 "An amazing percussion duo both in the virtuoso control of each player and in their perfect synchronization… a fascinating dialog building up to ecstasy…”

"Ma`ariv", Israel


Total Number of Percussionists Required :2 Percussionist(s)
Categories : Tuned Percussion / Percussion Ensemble
Instrument / Discipline : Marimba Duet
Instrumentation : N/A
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : (2) 5-Octave Marimbas
Written for / Commissioned by : PercaDu
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Adi Morag
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :Published by the Composer
Publishers Website :Please contact the composer directly.
Publisher Details :

This piece of music is published by the composer and you should contact them directly for more information.

Alternatively, if you are unable to find contact details for the relevant composer and would like us to contact them on your behalf,  please send us an email from our "Contact Us" page.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :1998 /  1998
Duration :10Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :4
Special Needs :Requires both players to play on each others instrument.
Sheet Music Available From :(Published by the composer) moragadi@gmail.com     Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

A prize winning piece (prize for composition, at the Percussive Arts Society Competition) written for two marimbas by Adi Morag in 1998 towards IPCL percussion competition.

The name Octabones is an intentional misspelling of the word octatones, which is the scale of notes that the whole piece is based upon.

"Octabones by Adi Morag requires two highly skilled marimbists. The marimbas are set up facing one another so that each player can reach over and play certain figures on the other player’s instrument. The piece is constructed in four distinct sections. The first section is an exciting allegro full of block chords and fast melodic passages; the second section is slower and legato; the third section returns to tempo primo, but the material is played with the mallet handles; the final section returns to the opening material, bringing the work to an exciting conclusion.”

                                                                   Mario Gaetano (Western California University)

                                                                    From a review in “Percussive Notes"

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