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Piece Title : Duet no. 5 (Fantasque)
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Composer / Arranger : Shiloah, Eldad
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Eldad Shiloah was born in France and raised in Jerusalem-Israel. He studied the recorder and Piano before switching to Percussion after having attended a summer course percussion workshop. Eldad completed his Bachelors degree at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem and his Masters degree (with distinction) at Indiana University. He also studied one year in Paris-France. All the while he took various theory and composition courses. He has played as Timpanist/Percussionist with various orchestras and is now First Percussionist with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, where he is also the Program Editor. Eldad has played with various contemporary music ensembles and has written texts for and has hosted children concert within various frames. He teaches percussion to children (8-18 years old) at the Jerusalem conservatory and the Natanya municipal conservatory. Eldad composes mainly for percussion, trying to compose "listener friendly" works. His works have been published by Alfonce Production (France) and Beurskens Editions (Holland). He resides in Natanya with his wife Bina (Dance teacher and choreographer) and their three children -Itai, Yoav and Na`ama.

Total Number of Percussionists Required :2 Percussionist(s)
Categories : Tuned Percussion / Untuned Percussion
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Instrumentation : N/A
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Written for / Commissioned by : Unknown
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Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :Published by the Composer
Publishers Website :Please contact the composer directly.
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This piece of music is published by the composer and you should contact them directly for more information.

Alternatively, if you are unable to find contact details for the relevant composer and would like us to contact them on your behalf,  please send us an email from our "Contact Us" page.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :2007 / 
Duration :7Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :4
Special Needs :
Sheet Music Available From :(Published by the composer) eshiloah@gmail.com     Check to see if in stock
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"Fantasque" is a highly challenging, higly exciting duet scored for two 5 octave marimbas and 4-6 Tomtoms (depending on the preferred set up).

This 6-7 minutes long duet is divided into 5 sections arranged in arch form. It starts of as if having taken a page from "Marimba Spiritual",at least as far as energy goes,B with both marimbas playing repetitive, primordial chords interrupted by loud and sharp bursts from the Toms. The primitive atmosphere is halted and a short flowing,B arabesque sections leads into a quiet, rolled section serving a low point of tension. The main section that follows is the longest and is Terry Riley/Phillip Glass like in its commotion. As it goes on through various chord progressions both players distance themselves from one another enlarging the tessitura as the music "expands". Slowly the Tomtoms begin to re-appear and the percussive effect returns asB they take over. The final section, an extended coda, combines elements from previous materials in a long repetitious crescendo and aB tumultuous ending.


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