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Piece Title : Sonhando em Salvador
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Composer / Arranger : Hill, Julie
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Dr. Julie Hill, Assistant Professor of Percussion Studies at the University of Tennessee at Martin, is highly regarded as a performer and pedagogue specializing in contemporary and world percussion. She has presented clinics and concerts for universities and state Day of Percussion festivals throughout the US and is a frequent guest lecturer and performer on the topic of Brazilian percussion.  As a member of the acclaimed Caixa Percussion Trio, Julie has performed at international festivals in Mexico, Brazil, France, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the Percussive Arts Society International Conventions (PASIC). The Caixa Trio released their CD, Commissioned Works in October of 2007.  Hill is the co-author of a new collection of solos/duets entitled Music for Multi Percussion: A World View (Alfred Publications).  Hill received her Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Tennessee at Martin, holds a Master of Music degree in Percussion Performance from Arizona State University, and has a Doctorate of Musical Arts degree from the University of Kentucky. Hill is researching and studying percussion extensively throughout Brazil, primarily in the regions of Salvador da Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, and Sco Paulo. Her teachers include James Campbell, J.B. Smith, Nancy Mathesen, Leigh Stevens, and Neguinho do Samba.  Hill serves on the international advisory board for Escola Dida, a project in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil dedicated to social transformation for black women and at-risk children through music.   The June 2004 Percussive Notes journal featured a cover story written by Hill on the Brazilian based project.  Julie currently serves on the PAS World and Scholarly Research Committees. She is also on the PAS Board of Directors and has been a member of PAS since 1989.   Julie Hill is an endorser of Pearl Drums / Adams Musical Instruments, Innovative Percussion, Evans Drum Heads, Zildjian Cymbals, Grover Pro Percussion, and Audix Microphones.  For more information, visit Julie Hills website at

Total Number of Percussionists Required :10+ Percussionist(s)
Categories : Untuned Percussion / World Percussion / Percussion Ensemble
Instrument / Discipline : Untuned / Multiple Percussion
Instrumentation : Caixas / Large Size Surdo / Marcacoes / Medium Size Surdo / Repiques / Small Size Surdo / Timbau
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : N/A
Written for / Commissioned by : University of Kentucky
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Julie Hill
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :Innovative Percussion, Inc.
Publishers Website
Publisher Details :

Innovative Percussion is a mallet and stick manufacturer based in Nashville Tennessee. They also distribute publications of a high quality. For more information logon to

Year Composed / Copyright Date :2004 /  2004
Duration :6Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :2
Special Needs :All drums should be worn with straps.
Sheet Music Available From      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

This piece was written for the University of Kentucky percussion ensemble for their PASIC showcase concert in November 2004. It is a samba reggae piece that can incorporate as many players as possible.

Sonhando em Salvador (Dreaming of Salvador) is based on the Samba Reggae rhythms performed throughout the Pelourinho District of Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Samba reggae, developed in the 1970s, is a result of the fusion between Brazilian samba and the music of reggae artists such as Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff, and is evidenced by the inherent swing in the style. Salvador da Bahia has the largest black population in Brazil (eighty percent), and the development of samba reggae is just one of the ways in which the local culture has embraced black awareness. The rhythms in Sonhando em Salvador are derived from the composers experience with Escola Dida, a fine arts academy in the Pelourinho District of Salvador dedicated to social reform for at-risk women and children through percussion. The founder of Escola Dida, Neguinho do Samba, is the former maestro of Olodum. Neguinho do Samba has developed his own style of samba reggae, including innovations in the surdo patterns and the introduction of the timbau drum into the percussion ensemble instrumentation. These adaptations create an infectious groove and are the trade marks of the Escola Dida style. Sonhando em Salvador is a tribute to Escola Dida, celebrating the music of samba reggae and their social contributions to the women and children of Brazil. It is common practice for Brazilian percussion ensembles to be choreographed. Performers commonly add dance steps, stick twirls and other visual motions. Sonhando em Salvador should begin with the performers off stage. The solo timbau player walks out alone and begins to play. His solo drumming serves to call the other performers to the stage. In the spirit of this festive music, performers should interact with the audience and each other as they enter the performance area and continue until their cue to begin playing. Singing in Sonhando em Salvador should be rhythmically accurate, but is not restricted to exact pitches, but rather, should fall in a comfortable range of each performer.

Substitute Instruments: Djembe, Snare Drums, Timbales, Floor Toms.
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