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Piece Title : The Manes Scroll
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Level : Senior / Graduate
Composer / Arranger : Deane, Christopher
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Christopher Deane is associate professor in percussion at the University of North Texas. Prior to his appointment with UNT, he was the principal timpanist of the Greensboro Symphony for nine years and a regular performer as both percussionist and timpanist with the North Carolina Symphony for ten years. He has performed with numerous orchestras including the Cincinnati Symphony, Cincinnati Chamber Orchestra, Detroit Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra and the Spoleto Festival Orchestra.

Deane`s chamber music experience includes performances with the Aeolian Chamber Players, the Percussion Group Cincinnati, the Mallarme Chamber Players, and the New Century Saxophone Quartet. He is a founding member of the Philidor Percussion Group. Recording experience includes the North Carolina Symphony, the Cincinnati Philharmonia, the Crofut Consort, Mallarme Chamber Players, and the St. Stevens Chamber Orchestra.

Deane has won both first and second prize in composition from the Percussive Arts Society. A number of his compositions are considered standard percussion repertoire and are played internationally. Deane has appeared as a performer, composer, or clinician at seven Percussive Arts Society International Conventions. Deane is an Artist/Educator clinician for Innovative Percussion Company and Sabian Cymbals.



Total Number of Percussionists Required :10+ Percussionist(s)
Categories : Tuned Percussion / Percussion Ensemble
Instrument / Discipline : Percussion Ensemble
Instrumentation : 4 1/3 Octave Marimba (Low A) (x2) / Chimes / Crotales (Set of) / Glockenspiel / Vibraphone (x2) / Xylophone (x2)
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : NA
Written for / Commissioned by : OU Percussion Orchestra, directed by Dr. Richard Gipson
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :OU Percussion Press
Publishers Website
Publisher Details :

In 1977 the OU Percussion Orchestra and Ensemble embarked on a project that developed into a national model for the encouragement and development of new music for percussion ensemble.  The OU Percussion Ensemble Commissioning Series regularly engages outstanding composers to write works for this medium.  The Commissioning Series is responsible for the creation of some of today`s staples in the percussion ensemble repertoire.

     In 1983 the University of Oklahoma funded the establishment of the OU Percussion Press, a non-profit extension of the percussion area. Through the Percussion Press, the commissioning series compositions plus other works expressly written for the OU Percussion Orchestra and Ensembles have been made available for purchase and performance by the world`s leading percussion ensembles. The Percussion Press` catalog numbers more than 50 works, all published in a non-profit venture as a service to the profession.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :1984 /  2010
Duration :11Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :Various
Special Needs :You will need pitch-bending mallets and wire brushes. Players are required to produce pitches by blowing through the resonator tubes
Sheet Music Available From      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

Program Notes

The Manes Scroll was commissioned by the OU Percussion Ensemble in the fall of 1983 and completed in March of 1984. The piece was premiered by the University of Oklahoma Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Richard Gipson in April of 1984. The title comes from the Latin Des Manes, which is a term that represents the collective spirit of the dead. The piece has as its structural motivation an imagined event in which spirits are released from an ancient parchment found deep within the Catacombs beneath the city of Rome, Italy. One requirement of the commission was to use only keyboard percussion instruments. For me, the challenge was to find a new voice within a fairly standard instrumental ensemble. I chose to open the piece by employing a technique that, to my knowledge, had not been used on the resonated keyboard instruments. This technique is the use of exhaled air columns directed into the resonators of the marimbas, vibraphones, and xylophones. Performance Notes The “wind” technique requires the performers to blow into the resonators to produces a “pitched air” effect. In order to have this technique work effectively, the performers should direct their air column towards the edges of the resonator tubes to cut the air column in a similar way that a flute produces sound. It is effective for the pairs of instruments (marimbas, vibraphones, and xylophones) to stagger their entrances so that a longer wind effect is possible. (ex. Marimba I begins the air crescendo and marimba II joins the wind effect just prior to the peak of the crescendo).

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