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Piece Title : Multitasker
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Level : Easy
Composer / Arranger : Hicks, Ralph
Composer / Arranger Details:

First and foremost a teacher, Ralph Hicks feels blessed to have been influenced by amazing and dedicated teachers. He couldn’t have asked for better models for making a meaningful impact on the life of a young musician. Ralph is a product of the highly successful Spring HS Band program (Spring, TX), winning two Texas 5A State Marching Championships, one BOA Grand National Championship, a PAS Call for Tapes, and a naming to the 1995 Texas All State Orchestra.

Receiving a full scholarship to the University of Kentucky, Ralph studied Percussion under Professor James B. Campbell. In 1996 he took first place in the PAS International Vibraphone Solo competition. In 1997 he was a member of the Cavaliers Drum & Bugle Corps and was named a Yamaha Young Performing Artist.

His performing days behind him, Ralph has spent his entire professional career in the Greater Houston area. Currently at Mitchell Intermediate in The Woodlands, TX (Conroe ISD), he teaches saxophone, percussion, the steel drum band Teal Steel, and Let Them Drum!, a motor skill development program for special needs children involving hand drums. As a composer, he has spent the last fifteen years composing and arranging for schools across Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Kentucky.

Ralph lives in his hometown of Spring, TX with his wife Marcail and two children, Brooklynn and William. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Texas Music Educators Association, the Percussive Arts Society, and is endorsed by Innovative Percussion.

Total Number of Percussionists Required :4 Percussionist(s)
Categories : Percussion Ensemble / Percussion Education
Instrument / Discipline : Percussion Ensemble
Instrumentation : Bongos (Set of) / Cabasa / Cow Bell / Piccolo Snare Drum / Slap Stick / Snare Drum / Tambourine / Triangle / Wood Block
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : N/A
Written for / Commissioned by : Multitasker (for Mom)
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Tapspace Publications
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :Tapspace Publications
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Publisher Details :

Tapspace™ is a publishing company specializing in creative percussion music. Formed in 1998 and stationed in Portland, Oregon, USA, Tapspace has a refined niche focusing on educational and appealing concert percussion ensembles, solos, duets, rudimental percussion music, steel band music, and other educational materials.

With a star-studded list of contributing artists, our works have been performed by thousands of percussionists around the world, and are being used daily to help shape and influence the rapidly growing percussive arts. This makes Tapspace a premier source for today`s most creative percussion literature.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :2011 /  2011
Duration :2Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :2
Special Needs :N/A
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Programme Notes / Performance Details :

Multitasking is a skill we all need in this day and age. How else can we simultaneously watch the burgers and dogs on the grill, toast the buns in the oven, slice up the fixin’s on the cutting board, AND keep an eye on the game? There will come a time when a percussionist is required to multitask—in other words, to play more than one instrument at the same time. This is commonly known as a multiple percussion part (also multipercussion or simply multi).

Multitasker introduces this concept, giving all performers the chance to play two instruments at once. Players 1–4 each have a primary and secondary instrument (e.g., snare drum and woodblock), while Players 5–8 have two different playing surfaces (e.g., high tom and low tom). Multi parts sometimes require playing two different instruments that require two different techniques, which does not often come naturally. You would not want to play a woodblock as if it were a snare drum and vice versa.

A secondary focus of Multitasker is the use of syncopated rhythms to reinforce the preparatory stroke, or “prep stroke”—lifting the stick in rhythm to ensure proper timing. Thanks to a little deductive reasoning, we know that before a stick can come down, it must come up! Some of the offbeat rhythms in the piece (e.g., ms. 9–17) will help force this issue out into the open. Encouraging the performers to lift together on the preceding 8th note (coinciding with the slapstick part) should help clean up their entrances.

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