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Piece Title : Twelve Virtues
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Level : Advanced
Composer / Arranger : Sekhon, Baljinder
Composer / Arranger Details:

"Clearly knowing the power of sonority" (Philadelphia Inquirer), the music of Baljinder Sekhon demonstrates a wide range of interests and influences. From pieces for large ensemble to solo works to electronic music, Sekhon`s music has received over 200 performances around the world and has been described as "still and mysterious, animated, haunting and peaceful" by the Epoch Times. In addition to his projects as a composer, he is also active as a teacher, percussionist and concert producer and currently serves as Visiting Professor of Composition at the University of South Florida. Sekhon`s music has been featured at a variety of events, including WNYC’s recent production “Beyond Bollywood” at the Jeome L. Greene Performance Space, the Juventas New Music Ensemble’s “Juventas Jam” in Boston, the MATA Interval Series (New York City), Astral Artists Recital Series (Philadelphia), Audio Inversions (Austin), National Saxophone Alliance Conference (SC), International Viola Congress (OH), Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music (Santa Cruz), Bang on a Can Summer Festival, Composers Conference at Wellesley College, f(x) Miami Music Marathon, New World Symphony s Musician s Forum Series, Syracuse Society for New Music, International Saxophone Congress (Thailand), Gallery 345 (Canada), UCF’s Collide Festival, and theperKumania Percussion Festival (Paris Conservatory). "Honest and energy-packed" (Austin American-Statesman), Sekhon`s works have received recognition from many organizations, such as ASCAP, CBDNA, MATA, Audio Inversions, Percussive Arts Society, Boehmler Foundation, and the Syracuse Society for New Music. As a curator and producer, Baljinder constantly supports new performances through the organization of various concerts and events. Recently named a curator for the MATA Interval Series 3.2 concert, Sekhon produced a full concert of new works for Saxophone Quartet and Electronics at the ISSUE Project Room in Brooklyn, NY. A year earlier, Baljinder produced a concert at John Zorn s contemporary art space "The Stone" in New York City which included five of Sekhon`s works performed for a sold-out audience. In addition, he served as President of the OSSIA New Music Ensemble at the Eastman School and co-producer/sound designer for countless electronic music concerts sponsored by the Eastman Computer Music Center. To learn more about Sekhon`s works, please visit

Total Number of Percussionists Required :10+ Percussionist(s)
Categories : Percussion Ensemble / Mixed Chamber Ensemble
Instrument / Discipline : Large Ensemble
Instrumentation : Bells (x6) / Crotales (Set of) / Glockenspiel / Large Size Tom (x2) / Ocean Drum (x2) / Tubular Bells / Wood Block (x2)
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : 2 x 5 Octave Marimbas
Written for / Commissioned by : Jamie Jordan (soprano), USF Percussion Ensemble, Robert McCormick, Director
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Baljinder Sekhon, Composer
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :Glass Tree Press
Publishers Website
Publisher Details :

Glass Tree Press (ASCAP) The official publishing company for sheet music by Baljinder Sekhon.

Year Composed / Copyright Date :2011 /  2011
Duration :19Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :2, 4, Various
Special Needs :Requires Tuned Bells. Percussionists Play off stage for parts of the piece and move around during the piece, solo vocalist needs amplification via and wireless headset microphone, vocalist plays bass drum and tuned bells for a portion of the piece
Sheet Music Available From      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

Twelve Virtues (2011) Baljinder Sekhon, Composer 19 minutes 12 Percussionists Solo Soprano Difficulty Level: The narrative of this piece requires the percussionists to enter the stage in pairs as the piece progresses. Therefore, some percussionists are required to perform significantly less than others. The first four parts are advanced, parts 5-8 are intermediate-advanced, parts 9-10 are intermediate, and the last two parts are fairly basic. This makes the piece very accessible for a studio with a wide range of abilities and the interest in featuring a large portion of the studio personnel in one piece. Instrumentation on stage: 2 Marimbas (5 oct.), 2 Vibraphones, Tubular Chimes, Glockenspiel, Crotales (low octave), Large Concert Bass Drum, 2 Congas (begin off-stage), 2 Large Skin Drums Instrumentation off stage: (percussionists carry these instruments to stage as piece progresses) 6 pitched metallophones (gongs/almglocken or any available), 2 woodblocks, 2 large ocean drums, 2 large shekere Additional Requirements: Podium and stool for soprano, six stands at soprano for percussionists to hang metallophones, 2 music stands in back of hall with stand lights (or dim house lighting), wireless headset/lapel microphone for soprano amplification Program Notes (short): Scores for 12 percussionists and soprano voice, Twelve Virtues is a ritualistic work that explores traditional human values in a modern light. The work begins with the singer alone on the stage, surrounded by a circle of percussion instruments, with the percussionists off-stage. As the work progresses, the percussionists process to the stage in pairs, while carrying a variety of small instruments, and slowly surround the singer while delivering small metallophones to her. The twelve sections of this piece are connected in a narrative that uses the percussionists as an extension or alter ego of the singer. I composed the text specifically for this piece and the general statements, words, and concepts were inspired by a variety of existing writing. These include the Tao Te Ching, The Bible, the Teachings of Rumi, Catechism of the Catholic Church, a variety of dictionaries and thesauruses, etc. Although it could, this work is not designed to take a religious, or even spiritual, stance. My aim was to put this together in a way that would allow personal interpretation of the message. At the most basic level, Twelve Virtues is a work that explores values that are important to me, and are likely important to everyone who strives to treat themselves and those around them with the utmost care. This work was composed for soprano Jamie Jordan and the USF Percussion Ensemble, Robert McCormick, director.

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