Posted By : PatrickGHarper
Piece Title : Tropical Departure
No. of times Viewed (January 2019) :12
Total No. of times Viewed :2348
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Level : High School/ College
Composer / Arranger : Harper, Patrick Glenn
Composer / Arranger Details: Patrick Glenn Harper is a high school band director who composes music for various instrumental ensembles. His percussion, brass, and woodwind ensemble pieces have been performed all over the world by various school, university, and community ensembles. He has also written music professionally for various media applications.
Total Number of Percussionists Required :10+ Percussionist(s)
Categories : Tuned Percussion / Percussion Ensemble / Percussion Education
Instrument / Discipline : Tuned Percussion Ensemble
Instrumentation : Bass Drum / Bass Guitar / Bongos (Set of) / China Cymbal / Claves / Congas (Set of) / Drum Kit / Glockenspiel / Guiro / Keyboard / Snare Drum / Tambourine / Triangle / Vibraphone / Xylophone
Range of Instruments / Number of Drums : 4 Octave Marimba, 3 1/2 Octave Xylophone, 3 Octave Vibraphone, 2 1/2 Octave Glockenspiel.
Written for / Commissioned by : Hazel Green High School Percussion Ensemble
Permission given for Youtube video by Copyright holder
and Youtube Channel Owner. Recorded / Provided by:
 Patrick Glenn Harper
Accompanied :N/A
Publisher :J.W. Pepper - My Score
Publishers Website :
Publisher Details : Composers may now publish their own music through the J.W. Pepper company. J.W. Pepper then distributes their music digitally AND provides professionally bound and printed copies of their music to buyers as well.
Year Composed / Copyright Date :2009 /  2009
Duration :4Minutes
No. of Mallets/Sticks Required :2, 8
Special Needs :Requires a keyboard/piano and/or bass guitar.
Sheet Music Available From      Check to see if in stock
Programme Notes / Performance Details :

I wrote this percussion ensemble piece for my students. NOTE: I have included optional parts for use IN PLACE OF THE DRUM SET parts. I placed these at the bottom of the score. If you have any questions or comments, please don`t hesitate to contact me by email. Thank you for your interest in my music!

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