Mixed Chamber Ensemble

If you are looking for percussion with a little difference then perhaps combine your instrument with one from another instrumental family. Great ideas here from Flute and Untuned / Multi Setup to Vibraphone and Saxophone. Check out information, MP3s and videos to find a piece that is most suited to you!

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
Afro D`Rivera, Paquito / Robert Chappell Manuscript
Percussion and Miscellaneous Chamber Music
Ais Xenakis, Iannis Editions Salabert
Percussion and Low Brass
Aka (Red) Akiho, Andy Bachovich Music Publications
All in Time Barnett, Jeremy Rhythmscape Publishing
Allegretto from Symphony No.7 Beethoven, Ludwig Music van
Percussion and Brass Choirs
Alleluia Leonard, Stanley (1931-) C. Alan Publications
Percussion and Keyboard
Alternation I Ishii, Maki Manuscript
Percussion and Saxophone
American Phoenix for bass trombone (or tuba) and 4 percussion Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
Amores Cage, John (1912-1992) C.F. Peters
Percussion and Keyboard / Percussion Quartet
An Apotheosis of Archaeopteryx for Piccolo and Ber Hiller, Lejaren Lejaren Hiller
Unknown Percussion and Flute
An Apotheosis of Archeaeoptrix Hiller, Lejaren Manuscript
Percussion and Flute
An Elder`s Hocket Kondo, Jo (1947-) C.F. Peters
Percussion and Miscellaneous Chamber Music
An Idyll for the Misbegotten Crumb, George C.F. Peters
Percussion and Flute
Anagrams Brown, ,Newel Kay Seesaw Music Corporation
Unknown Percussion and Trumpet
Ancient Hungarian Dances Nelhybel, Vaclav Franco Colomo Inc., NY
Unknown Percussion and Brass Choirs
Ancient Voices for Children Crumb, George (1929-) C.F. Peters
Unknown Percussion and Miscellaneous Woodwinds
Andromeda - for Percussion Ensemble Harper, Patrick Glenn J.W. Pepper - My Score
Animus 2 Druckman, Jacob (1928-1996) C.F. Peters
Percussion and Voice
Anitra`s Dance for marimba quartet Grieg, Edvard arr. Nick Baron Alto Publications
anti-paysage DeLio, Thomas (1951-) Smith Publications
Unknown Percussion and Miscellaneous Chamber Music
Antiphonary Loeb, David (1939-) Lang Percussion Company
Percussion and Strings
Apresludes Moss, Lawrence (1927-) Theodore Presser Co
Percussion and Flute
Arabic Dances Meister, Scott R. Honeyrock Publishing
Percussion and Low Brass
Arcade IV Humble, Keith (1927-1995) UNIVERSAL
Percussion and Strings
Archipelago Bissell, Paul Go Fish Music
Percussion and Flute
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