Mixed Chamber Ensemble

If you are looking for percussion with a little difference then perhaps combine your instrument with one from another instrumental family. Great ideas here from Flute and Untuned / Multi Setup to Vibraphone and Saxophone. Check out information, MP3s and videos to find a piece that is most suited to you!

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
Cressida Aubin, Tony Alphonse Leduc
Unknown Percussion and Miscellaneous Woodwinds
Crossroads for trombone choir (4-part) and percussion ensemble (8-part) Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
Crystals Molineaux, Allan HaMaR Percussion Pub., Inc.
Percussion and Voice
Curb Your Dogma! Maderich, Robert Manuscript
Percussion and Clarinet
da capo al fine Mizicko, Shane Honeyrock Publishing
Percussion and Clarinet
Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm Hovhaness, Alan (1911-2000) C.F. Peters
Percussion and Flute
Dance Pieces Erb, Donald (1927-) Manuscript
Percussion and Miscellaneous Chamber Music
Dance Suite for Tuba and Triangle Beach, Bennie Neil A Kjos Music Co., Illinois
Unknown Percussion and Low Brass
Dances - Divertimento for Wind Quintet and Percuss Schuman, William Merion Music Inc.
Unknown Percussion and Miscellaneous Woodwinds
Dancing on Water Garland, Peter (1952-) FROG PEAK MUSIC
Percussion and Clarinet
Danse Pour Salome Capdeville, Pierre Gerard Billaudot Editions
Percussion and Saxophone
De Kooning Movementws Sanchez-Gutierrez, Carlos
Percussion and Clarinet
De La Madera for oboe and marimba Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
Declamation for Brass and Percussion Diemer, Emma Lou Elkon-Vogal, PA
Unknown Percussion and Brass Choirs
Desert Clouds Gottry, Josh Gottry Percussion Publications
Deserts Blanton, Walter Honeyrock Publishing
Percussion and Trumpet and Keyboard
Diabolic Dialogue Read, Gardner Media Press, Inc.
Percussion and Strings
Dialogue Fink, Siegfried (1928-) Weisbaden: Walter Noack
Percussion and Clarinet
Dialogue Epstein, Alvin (1926-) Unpublished: Hartford, CT
Percussion and Flute
Dialogue 1 Lefkowitz, David WHOLE>SUM
Percussion and Double Reeds
Dialogue for Clarinet and Marimba-Vibes Schietroma, Robert (1943-) MUSIC FOR PERCUSSION INC.
Percussion and Clarinet
Diatomaceous Earth Deason, David Colla Voce Music, Inc. (Music For Percussion)
Percussion and Clarinet
Distant Thunder for flute, one percussion and piano Vogel, Roger (1947-) Brixton Publications
Diversion for Four Johnston, Ben Smith Publications
Unknown Percussion and Miscellaneous Chamber Music
Diversion for Two (Better Than Sex) Erb, Donald (1927-) Merion Music
Unknown Percussion and Trumpet
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