Percussion Ensemble

A fantastic archive of information, MP3s and videos for percussion ensemble / group music. If you are a teacher or ensemble director you will find some great music in this section.

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
Album for the Young Suite Tschaikowsky / Jeanne Permus Publications
Percussion Quintets
Alchemies Wettstein, Erik Hawkins
Percussion Quartets
Alchemy Hollinden, Dave (1958-) Published by the Composer
Unknown Multiple Percussion Duets
Alea-a game of chance Farberman, Harold (1929-) GMP General Music Pub., Inc.
Percussion Sextets
Alegre Muchacho Abel, Alan Ludwig Music Publishing Company, 1967
Unknown Percussion Sextets
Alegrias Sarmientos, Jorge (1931-) Southern Percussion
Alfred`s Beginning Snare Drum Duets Feldstein, Sandy Alfred Publishing
All in Time Barnett, Jeremy Rhythmscape Publishing
All Not Seen Ruiz, et. al. / Ruiz, Lang, Meldrum Manuscript
Percussion for 9
All Things Come to Pass, Op. 36 Jackson, Greg Inner3
Allegre Muchacho Abel, Alan Ludwig Music
Percussion Sextets
Allemande Christian, Bobby (1911-1991) Creative Music and Ovation, Inc.
Percussion Sextets
Alone Ross, Paul G. Pan Press
Steel Drum Band
Alternate Stickin` Parade Muramatsu, Takatsugu (1978-) Honeyrock Publishing
Percussion for 9
Altiplano Passeggi, Carlos Dutch Music Partners
Always, Never, Again Cagwin, Jarrod Norsk Musikforlag A/S
Amanaplanacanalpanama Macbribe, David Smith Publications
Percussion 10 or more
Ambience Adams, Daniel (1956-) Honeyrock Publishing
Percussion Septets
America in Rhythm Ostling, Acton Belwin Mils Publishing Corp.
Percussion Duets
America The Beautiful Ward, Samuel / Ross, Paul G Pan Press
Steel Drum Band
American Patrol Meacham / Houllif, Murray Kendor Music, Inc.
Percussion Sextets
American Phoenix for bass trombone (or tuba) and 4 percussion Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
Amorsque Francois, Jean-Charles Smith Publications
Unknown Percussion Quartets
Amorsque 2 Francois, Jean-Charles Smith Publications
Unknown Percussion Duets
Ana Street Ross, Paul G. Pan Press
Steel Drum Band
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