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 Born Under a Bad Sign * Hideaway * Bad to the Bone
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 Solo for Two Kick Drums (Op. 7)
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 5 Bagatelles for Clarinet and Mallet Percussion
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 8 Carols for Christmas for Vibraphone and Piano
 A Dream Fantasy; Ballet for Clarinet, Sax, Percuss
 A Fanfare for Drums
 A Fit Reliquary
 A Gift for Bessie
 A Piece For Friends
 A Prayer for Jerusalem
 A Serenade
 A Waltzer in the House
 A Witness for My Lord
 a2 Solo Divisi
 Acht Aufsuge fur 2-8 Trompeten und Pauken
 Acufenos I
 Acufenos II
 Adagio and Rondo
 Adagio for Oboe and Marimba
 Affirmation: Concerto for solo percussion and orchestra
 Aka (Red)
 All in Time
 Allegretto from Symphony No.7
 Alternation I
 American Phoenix for bass trombone (or tuba) and 4 percussion
 An Apotheosis of Archaeopteryx for Piccolo and Ber
 An Apotheosis of Archeaeoptrix
 An Elder`s Hocket
 An Extraordinary Correspondence
 An Idyll for the Misbegotten
 Ancient Hungarian Dances
 Ancient Voices for Children
 Andromeda - for Percussion Ensemble
 Animus 2
 Anitra`s Dance for marimba quartet
 Arabic Dances
 Arcade IV
 As Though, Again
 As Though, So Again
 AsThough, So Again
 Asymptotes, for Flute and Vibes
 Athletic Conveyances
 Atmospheres for trumpet and one percussion
 Auf Dem Letzten Hagel
 Awakening for Trumpet and Percussion
 Ballade für Andre
 Ballade fur Klarinette und Schlagzeug
 Ballet Mecanique
 Beguine and Conga
 Behind the Invisible Mask for bassoon and one percussion
 Being Reich
 Big Bang, The for 6 percussion & piano
 Black Orpheus
 Blazing Trumpets
 Blind Men
 Blue Rondo a la Turk
 Book of gems
 Boom Time for trombone and one percussion
 Born to Beat Wild
 Boundary Conditions
 Brass Band Journal
 Bright seaweed reaping
 Brilliant Shadows
 Bugler`s Dream from Charge
 Bundle of Sticks
 Buried Fire
 Cadence III
 Calamity Jane and her Daughter
 Candide Overture
 Canto d`un Altra Volta
 Canto Intimo
 Canzona Da Sonare
 Canzona Da Sonare
 Capriccio for Tuba and Marimba
 Careful with that...
 Casi Una Trunca
 Caught By The Sky With Wire
 Caught`ya Caccia, Caged Waltz
 Ce Parfum de Valse, Delicieusement Toi, Ulrike
 Cedille? What Cedille?
 Ceremonial Fanfare
 Ceremonial Fanfare
 Ceremonial Fanfare
 Ceremonies for Trumpet and Percussion
 Ceremony I
 Chamber Concerto
 Chamber Music
 Chamber Music IV
 Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba and Winds
 Chillin And Hoppin
 Chillin` & Hoppin`
 Chorale and Fanfare
 Cinque Intagli
 Circus Parade
 City Lights
 Classical Kick
 Classics II for Euphonium and Percussion
 Coexistence for clarinet and percussion quartet
 Combinazioni III
 Come Away
 Coming Up Sevens
 Commedie for Trombone and Percussion
 Commemorative Fanfare for Brass and Timpani
 Compound Autonomy
 Concert Duet for Flute and Vibraphone
 Concert Piece
 Concert Piece for Organ and Percussion
 Concert Variations Op. 51 No. 3
 Concert Variations Op. 51, #3
 Concertante Diversion
 Concertante IV A
 Concertino for Bb Trumpet and Percussion Orchestra
 Concertino for Four Percussion and Wind Ensemble
 Concertino for Marimba
 Concertino for Piano, Brass, and Timpani
 Concertino for Trumpet, Orchestra, and Drum / Con
 Concerto For Alto Saxophone & Percussion Orchestra
 Concerto for Bassoon and Percussion Ensemble (Fire
 Concerto for Clarini and Timpani
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone
 Concerto for Percussion Solo
 Concerto for Piano and Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto for Seven Trumpets and Timpani
 Concerto for Timpani with four Trumpets and four T
 Concerto for Tuba and Percussion Orchestra
 Concerto for Violin and Percussion
 Concerto for Violin, Cello, Ten Winds and Percussi
 Concerto in Slendro for Violin and Percussion
 Concerto No. 2 for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto Piccolo
 Concerto pour Marimba et Ensemble a Cordes
 Concordance I-II
 Constitutional Fanfare and Fugue
 Contradictory Dialogues for Clarinet and Marimba
 contrecoup . . .
 Controlled Improvisation Number 1 (Op. 17)
 Conversation Piece
 Cortege for Trumpet
 Counterpoint No. 2 for Bass Trombone and Percussio
 Crossroads for trombone choir (4-part) and percussion ensemble (8-part)
 Curb Your Dogma!
 da capo al fine
 Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm
 Dance Pieces
 Dance Suite for Tuba and Triangle
 Dances - Divertimento for Wind Quintet and Percuss
 Dancing on Water
 Danse Pour Salome
 De Kooning Movementws
 De La Madera for oboe and marimba
 Declamation for Brass and Percussion
 Desert Clouds
 Diabolic Dialogue
 Dialogue 1
 Dialogue for Clarinet and Marimba-Vibes
 Diatomaceous Earth
 Distant Thunder for flute, one percussion and piano
 Diversion for Four
 Diversion for Two (Better Than Sex)
 Diversions for Flute and Marimba
 Divertimento 1937
 Divertimento for Brass and Percussion
 Divertimento for Marimba and Alto Saxaphone
 Divertimento No. 5 KV187
 Dmaathen for Oboe and Percussion
 Dona E`is Requiem
 Double Crossings
 Double Solo
 Dragons in the Sky
 Drawings: Set No. 3
 Dream Fantasy
 Dream of Flight, A
 Dream Sequence for trombone (or euphonium) and percussion quartet
 Dream Variations for Trumpet & Percussion (1. The Dream, 2. Mirror, 3. Déjà Vu)
 Dreams Within Dreams
 Drum Dances
 Drum Takt
 Drumming, part 3
 Duels and Duets
 Duet for Trumpet and Percussion / Interplay for Pe
 Duettino Concertante
 Duex Chansons Francaises
 Duggan Theme
 Duo (Dances-Song) for Trumpet and Marimba
 Duo Fantasie
 Duo for Bass Trombone and Percussion
 Duo for Euphonium and Percussion
 Duo for Guitar and Drums
 Duo for Trombone and Percussion
 Duo for Trumpet and Marimba
 Duo for Trumpet and Marimba Movements 1 and 2
 Duo for Trumpet and Percussion
 Duo for Tuba and Percussion
 Duo for Violin and Marimba
 Duo for Xylophone and Double Bass
 EA: Petite Suite Variee pour Trompette en Ut et Vi
 Ecologue for Flute and Percussion
 Eidesis II
 Eight Fanfares for Brass Ensemble
 Einyah Festival / Solo Trumpet and Piano- Percussi
 Empty Notes
 Encounters III
 Encounters IV
 Endurance No. 1 for Trombone, Timpani, and Piano
 Ensemble Music for Wind & Percussion Instruments
 Episodes for B-flat Clarinet and Percussion
 Erinnerungen an das Morgen
 Escapade for alto sax & percussion quartet
 Estudio VI Secuencias Op.22b
 Et Expecto Resurrectionem Mortourum
 Etudes Boreales
 Etudes Pour le Tambour d`Orchestre
 Evolution 1
 Excursion for Percussionist and Woodwinds
 Excursions into Time
 Family Portraits: Cubba (grandfather)
 Fanfare and Allegro
 Fanfare du Triton
 Fanfare for a Centennial
 Fanfare for a coming of age
 Fanfare for Brass Choir / Andante and Fugue
 Fanfare for Joyful Occasion
 Fanfare for the Common Man
 Fanfare Heroique
 Fanfare Heroique; Fanfare Joyeuse
 Fanfare, Aria and Echo
 Fanfares Pour Britannicus
 Fantasia on Luther`s Hymn
 Fantasy Duos
 Fantasy for Percussion Orchestra
 Fantasy Quartet for flute, clarinet, bassoon and marimba
 Fatal Dances
 Festive Flourish
 Festmusik for Brass
 First Concerto for Flute and Percussion
 First Transformation
 Five Duos for Bassoon and Percussion
 Five Fantasies of Natural Origin
 Five for Two
 Five Haiku for Young Voices and Chamber Orchestra
 Five Phrases from the Song of Solomon
 Five Pieces for Brass Choir
 Five Pieces for Clarinet and Percussion Orchestra
 Five Pieces for Three Players
 Five Pieces for Violin and Percussion
 Five pieces for Wind Instruments and Percussion
 Five Sketches
 Five Songs for Voice and Marimba
 Flute Repetoire Catalogue
 Fly Out for Cake
 Focus for Bassoon and Vibraphone
 For Cornelius
 For John English and Bill Parsons
 For Uncommon Valor
 For Winter
 For Zebulon Pike and Henry
 Forty Hymns & Carols for Timpani
 Four By Two
 Four Dialogues for Euphonium and Marimba
 Four Flights
 Four Miniatures for Flute and Vibes
 Four Pieces
 Four Pieces for Flute and Percussion
 Four Pieces for Trombone and Percussion
 Four Sea Fragments
 Four Season Suite
 Fourteen Fabled Folksongs
 Fourth Adventure
 Funeral March
 G Whiz
 Ga Da Yina
 Galactic Novae
 Galaxy 2
 Gamelan Sketches
 Gestures for Eleven
 Get It!
 Glory to God
 Going Home
 Goliath, Op. 38
 Gospel Meditation, A
 Grand Duo
 Grand Union
 granite, and
 Greetings to a City
 Happy Tachyons
 Harper Set #1
 Heptade for Trompette et Percussion
 Histoire du Tango
 Hodograph 1
 Hoe-Down from Rodeo
 Hollywood Carnival
 Homage to Keith Jarrett and Gary Burton
 I had to learn the simplest things last
 Ice Age
 Illegible Canons
 Illumination for Trombone and Vibes
 Impression Nr.1 f
 Improvisation Del Quiche
 Improvisation Sur Mallarme
 In Common
 In Common
 In Light of Three
 In Pompa Magna
 In the Midst
 In Time to Come
 Inaugurle 71
 Inner Rebellion
 Inscriptions in Brass
 Instruments 1
 Interface: for Viola and Marimba
 Interpretacje (Interpretations)
 Into Each Life for flute, cello, piano & one percussion
 Intrada Festiva
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Capriccio
 Introduction and Rondo
 Inventions and Interludes
 Irish Washerwoman
 Italian Festival Suite
 Its Not Carmen, So Save It
 It`s Destiny...Gasp!
 Jacks New Bag
 Jeu Des Cloches: For Marimba and String Quartet
 Jingle Jangle
 Jules & Charlus,
 Kaleidoscope for flute and one percussion
 Kembang Suling
 Keystone Celebration
 Kleine Suite
 Knock Yourself Out!
 Kontakte Nr.12
 Konzer fur Trompete, Pauken und Orchester
 Kroma 2
 Kure Beach
 Kuta Muela
 La Creation Du Monde
 Lamentations and Praises
 Lanterns and Candlelight
 Largo Tah for Bass Trombone and Marimba
 Last Days of Pompeii, The
 Le Cheval Aile
 Le Marteau Sans Maitre
 Le Martyre de Saint-Sebastien
 Legal Highs
 Little Eye
 Little Murders, for vibraphone, piano, FX
 Liturgical Symphony
 Lux Aeterna
 Lyric Suite for Flute and Marimba
 Macbeth and Macdonwald
 Madrigals, Books I-IV
 Maggie and Milly and Molly and May
 Mala Jarni Pisen
 Malachite Glass
 Mambo From West Side Story
 March (Fanfare)
 March for Timpani and Brass
 Marimba Concerto
 Matre`s Dance
 Meditation on the Nativity
 Melancholicke Sloky
 Microduet No. 3
 Mimikry 2
 Mirror Images
 Missa Brevis
 Modern Times for narrator, flute doubling on piccolo & 4 percussion
 Modogenesis for Trombone and Percussion
 Moravian Trio
 Morning at the Jolly House
 Morning Clouds
 Morning Star
 Morning Star
 Move your head quintet
 Movement of Varied Moments for Two
 Movements #1
 Movements #4
 Movimento III
 Music 4/4
 Music for 11
 Music for a Farce
 Music for a Summer Evening
 Music for a Summernight
 Music for Brass and Percussion
 Music for Chief Joseph
 Music for Piano and Three Timpani
 Music for Prague - III alternate notation
 Music for Prague Marimba Trio
 Music for Three
 Music for Timpani and Brass
 Music for Trombone and Percussion
 Music for Viola & Percussion
 Music for Woodwind Instruments
 Musica de Camera
 Musica del silencio
 Mutations of Bach
 Muted Suggestions
 Mysterious Exit
 Mysterious Exit for flute/piccolo and 4 percussion
 Mysterious Horse Before the Gate
 Nemesis (Sax & Vibraphone)
 Neumi (Musica No. 3)
 New Africa
 Night Music
 Night Music I
 Night Sounds
 Night Tide for French horn & marimba
 Night Tide for trombone & marimba
 Night Watch
 Nimrod / Enigma Variations
 NO one To kNOW one
 Nonet for Brass and Percussion
 Nonet for Brass and Percussion
 Not Just Another Finale
 Notturno e due Scherzi
 Notturno: for Guitar Trio and Percussion
 O Lo Velo!
 Obstacles of Sleep
 of lost dreams and chocolate
 Of Skin and Metal
 Oh, Beautiful
 Omega 2
 On Painting Music
 On Silent Haunches
 On the Day of Pentecost
 On the Third Day, Op. 6
 One Movement for Solo Marimba and Choir
 Options for Brass and Percussion
 Ora No Omboko
 Order, Fragments, Mirrors
 Oriental Soup
 Out ... From Darkness
 Out of the Shadow
 Overture for a Ceremony
 Partita for Euphonium, Piano, and Percussion
 Pas de Deux
 Pastels 1
 Pastoral for Flute and Percussion
 Pia Memoria
 Piece for Brass Choir and Percussion
 Piece for Clarinet and Marimba
 Piece for Clarinet and Marimba
 Piece for Trombone and Percussionist
 Pining for Betsy
 Pitina`s Kitchen
 Plane Dancing
 Poems I, 2, 3
 Polovestian Dances
 Practus Interruptus
 Prelude & Licks
 Prelude and Funk
 Prelude and Licks for B-flat Clarinet and Marimba
 Prelude et Chaconne
 Prelude et Danse
 Prelude to Elaboration
 Presto Barbaro
 Prisms for Flute and and Marimba
 Promenade Sur un Corps four Flute Seule et Un Perc
 Psalm 121
 Psalms for Percussion and Organ
 Pulse for Brass and Percussion
 Pulse Sampler for Oboe and Claves
 Quartet for Four Woodwinds and Percussion
 Quartet No. 2
 Quatre Etudes de Concert
 Quiet Exchange
 Quiet Music
 Quiet Music: for Tuba, Timpani and Percussion
 Quiet Places
 Quintetto per marimba, three flutes and contrabass
 Quite Exchange
 Rain Spell
 Recent Impressions
 Recollections of the Inland Sea
 Remembering Tomorrow: Impressions on Japanese Wind
 Rendevous for 4 trumpets and one percussion
 Requiem and Ritual
 Return to Innocence
 Rhapsody for Clarinet and Percussion
 Rhapsody for Percussion and Band
 Rhythmic Contours
 Rite of Passage
 Ritmo Jondo (Flamenco)
 Rockaby (Op. 14)
 Rondo for Timpani and Piano
 Rumba for Marimba and Alto Sax
 Russian Funeral
 Saume Der Zeit II
 Scenes of Mackinac
 Science Fiction
 Score, Op. 46
 Sea Breeze
 Seis Por Television
 Septum de Animiculis Carmina cum Meditatione Addit
 Serenade in Percussione
 Set of Five
 Shadow Music
 Signal to Signal
 Silent Opera Number 6: Duo for Flute and Multiple
 Silver Fields
 Singers of Songs, Weavers of Dreams
 Sippal, dobbal, nadihegeduvel
 Six Years Ago, Monday
 Sky Blossoms for flute and one percussion
 Sky Music
 Soar: Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and String Orchestra
 Soliloquoy of a Bhiksuni
 Soliloquy of a Bhiksun
 Somewhere in Maine
 Sonada 1652
 Sonancias III
 Sonata #2 for Percussion and Trumpet
 Sonata #3 for Clarinet and Percussion
 Sonata Festiva
 Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion
 Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion
 Sonata for Clarinet and Percussion
 Sonata for Horn and Marimba
 Sonata for Marimba and String Quartet
 Sonata for Piano and Percussion
 Sonata for Piano and Percussion
 Sonata For Trombone and Percussion
 Sonata for Two Marimbas
 Sonata for Two Piano and Two Percussion
 Sonata for Viola and Percussion
 Sonata No. 2
 Sonata No. 2 for Trumpet and Percussion
 Sonata No. II for Clarinet and Marimba
 Sonata Sancti Polycarpi
 Sonatina for Bb Clarinet and Percussion
 Sones de Flor
 Song and Dance
 Song at Years End
 Song for Trombone and Percussion
 Song of `Almah for Marimba and Soprano
 Song-Dance for Louise Lippold
 Sonic Fables for brass quintet & one percussion
 Sononati No. 2
 Sonoriferous Loops
 Soundscape 1
 Sources III
 Spincurve Foci
 Spiral Mandala
 Spirit of the Age
 Spiritual Dances
 Spring Sunrise
 Star-Fall Dances
 Start Dancing
 State of the Art
 Stedman Doubles for Clarinet and Percussion
 Stellar Visions for flute & marimba
 Steps 1-4
 Stevie Smith songs
 Stick Dance
 Stranded on Tulsa Time
 Strange Dreams
 Strawberry Girl
 Street Song
 Suite Barboletta
 Suite De Vatiations
 Suite en Concert pour Flute et Percussion
 Suite for Brass Choir and Timpani
 Suite for Brass Instruments
 Suite for Euphonium and Two Percussionists
 Suite for Flute and Marimba
 Suite for Flute and Marimba
 Suite for Flute and Percussion
 Suite for Marimba, Strings, and Percussion
 Suite for Solo Timpani and Orchestra
 Suite for Trumpet and Marimba
 Suite from West Side Story
 Suite Tuba with Drum Set
 Suite, 7 Brasses and Kettledrums
 Sun Music
 Sunlight Dialogues
 Suspended Contact
 Symphonic Allegro
 Symphony for Brass and Percussion
 Symphony for Brass and Percussion
 Symphony in Brass
 Symphony No. 17, opus 203
 Synergy for Brass and Percussion
 Talk Radio
 Tangling Shadows
 Tango - Piano meets Vibes
 Tanz auf Wolke Sieben
 Te Deum Tejas
 Temple of Lament
 Temporal Landscape Number 6
 Ten Fanfares by Ten Composers
 Ten Pieces For Flute and Percussion
 The Burning House Overture
 The Call of Boromir
 The Celonas
 The Cooper Construction
 The flower song
 The Good Soldier Schweik Suite op. 22
 The Key To Songs
 The Lord`s Prayer (Voice & Vibraphone)
 The Lost Flute
 The Night is Never Long
 The Phantom Drummer of Tidworth
 The Rite of Passage
 The Solitary
 The Three Hoaxes (Piltdown Man, Cold Fusion, Butth
 The Three Strange Angels
 The Vertical Man with Percussion
 The Weight of Light
 There is a Season
 Thoughts for Flute and Vibraphone
 Three Changes
 Three Facets
 Three for Two
 Three for Two
 Three Impressions
 Three Indigenous Songs
 Three Inventions for Flute and Marimba
 Three Maqamat
 Three Movements for Trombone and Timpani
 Three Pieces
 Three Pieces for a Concert
 Three Pieces for Bass Clarinet and Marimba
 Three Pieces for Clarinet and Percussion
 Three Poems for Percussion and Voice
 Three Rituals
 Three Sketches for Percussion and Trumpet
 Three Songs of Mad Coyote
 Three Stratford Fanfares
 Three Subtropical Vistas
 Three Subtropical Vistas
 Three Vignettes for Trombone
 Thunder Roll for piano and 3 percussion
 To The God Who is in the Fire
 To Those Gone Before
 Toccata for Clarinet, Trombone and Percussion
 Towards the Center
 Toy Concerto
 Tragic March
 Transitions for Solo Percussion & Band
 Traveling Music
 Trio for Flute, Marimba & Piano
 Trio for Flute, Trumpet, and Percussion
 Trio for Trompete in C, Schlagzeug unnd Klavier
 Trio for Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion
 Trio for Violin and Percussion
 Trio Ostinato
 Trio Suite
 Trio; for Flute, Vibraphone and Double Bass
 Trios Fanfares
 Triplum 72
 Trumpet and Drum
 Tuba and Drums (Op. 11)
 Tune for Trumpet
 Twelve Virtues
 Twilight Remembered
 Twilight Remembered
 Two Caprices for flute, oboe & marimba
 Two Civil War Songs
 Two Moods
 Two October Songs
 Two Pieces from Lieutenant Kije
 Two Poems for Jazz Quartet
 Two Songs on Tanka Poems
 Tzaikerk (Evening Song)
 Untitled Piece No. 4
 Upon Chanted Ground
 Valse Danseuse
 Variants I
 Variation Dous for Bb Clarinet and Marimba
 Variations for Flute and Percussion
 Variations for Flute and Percussion
 Variations for Four Drums and Viola
 Variations for Piano and Percussion
 Variations for Vibraphone and Piano
 Variations On A Cadenza
 Variations on a Theme by Bach
 Varied Trio
 View from Olympus
 Vinegar Eel Music
 Virtual Ghost
 Visage Wood
 Visions and Apparitions
 Visions of the Glory of God
 Wake up MOMO!!
 Watch the Melting Glaciers
 Wave, Train
 Waves against . . . .
 Wedding Present
 WHERE NOW RUSTS THE IRON? for voice, flute, cello & six percussion
 Where the Wind Calls Your Name
 Who Let the Cat Out Last Night
 Wie sind die Tage schwer
 Wigged Out
 Wild Tales Told on the River Road
 Willow, Willow
 Wind Songs One
 Windart II
 Within the Next It Will Be
 Without a Trail to Lace
 Woodwind Music Guide
 Woodwind Quintet No. 13 with Marimba
 Xochipilli - An Imagined Aztec Music
 Yeni Makam 4
 Zeit & Raum
 Zeven Pauken en cen Koperorkest, Opus 69
 Zu Spät
Percussion Education
 4-4 for Four
 Agua de Beber
 Alfred`s Kid`s Drumset Course
 All in Time
 Bang. Volume 1
 Bang. Volume 2
 Bang. Volume 3
 Bang. Volume 4
 Brandenburg No. 2: Allegro Moderato
 Cha Cha Blues
 City Museum
 Clave & Sons
 Drumset 101: A Contemporary Approach to Playing the Drums
 Entrata duet for Vibraphone and Marimba
 Escape Artist
 Etude #1 from Studies in Copper
 Etude #2 from Studies in Copper
 First Transformation
 Flamenco Dances
 Flying Kangaroo
 Follow Suit
 For Four
 Four Mallet Music
 Four Studies for Young Percussion Ensemble
 Groove Essentials: The Play-Along, 1.0
 Groove Essentials: The Play-Along, 2.0
 Gunga La Gunga
 Heartsong for Solo Marimba
 Holmes Slice
 Hot Percussion Licks
 Hot Sticks
 Imagine una aproximación mental a la practica de la marimba
 Imagine, a mental approach to Marimba playing
 Instruments of Mass Deception (IMD)
 Island Jam #7
 Jackson`s Rudimental Dictionary
 Low Tide
 Lullaby for Marimba
 Makena Mchumba
 Mallet Percussion Workout: A Methods Companion for All
 Marimba Dance
 Mi Milagro
 Midnight Barking (Snare Version)
 Mister X
 Moose Tash
 Music for Multi-Percussion: A World View
 Music For Percussion: CD-ROM
 Nimrod / Enigma Variations
 Passage of Time
 Percussion Instruments and their History
 Rainforest (for Boomwhacker ensemble)
 Rechargeable Batterie
 Rudiments in Rhythm
 Run (by Tsoof Baras)
 Scotch for solo Snare Drum, Bass Drum and Cymbal
 Seasons Joy
 Singletary Strut
 Slug Guts
 Soca-ing Wet
 Solo Expressions for the Beginning Percussionist
 Spike (for untuned percussion ensemble)
 Strawberry Blonde
 Strike, Shake, & Stomp
 Studio & Big Band Drumming
 The Commandments of R&B Drumming
 The Cooper Construction
 The Drummers Rudimental Reference Book
 The Essence of Afro-Cuban Percussion & Drum Set
 The Essence of Brazilian Percussion & Drum Set
 The Girl who was turned into a Tree
 The Inner Sanctum
 The Jazz Drummer`s Reading Workbook
 The Logic of it All
 The Rite of Passage
 The Synergy Method for Drumming, Vol. 2
 The Synergy Method for Marimba
 The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology for the Working Drummer
 Three pieces for Snare Drum
 Trap Door
 Traumatic Chromatic
 Tropical Departure
 West African Drum Ensembles
 What`s In D`a Box
 Wood, Metal, Skin
 `Sget some Scoops
Percussion Ensemble
 "New York, New York," Theme from
 "O" Zone (The)
 (Un)Natural (Dis)Integration
 ...all things hastened back to Unity
 ...and Four To Go!
 1 2 3! *
 120 degrees
 20 Minutes Off The Pavement
 2001 Tour Percussion Book
 3 + 2
 3 / 5
 3 Segments for Percussion
 32 Duets for Percussion
 3rd Symphony for Percussion
 4 for 4
 4 for 4 Percussion Quartet
 4 for Percussion
 4 Nocturnes
 4 on the Floor
 4-4 for Four
 4/4 for Four
 42nd Street Rondo
 5 Items for Solo Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
 5 Pieces for Percussion Duet
 5 Songs in the Age of Stupidity
 50-2 with Bells and Whistles
 6 Pe-TESP
 6/8 Dance
 6/8 Fantasy
 6/8 Scherzo
 7 Canons for 2 Percussionists
 7 Days & 7 Nights
 7 reasons for a meeting
 A Battere
 A Carmen Portrait
 A Daba
 A Distant Memory
 A Doll`s House Story
 A Fit Reliquary
 A La Maniere De-No. 4
 A La Maniere De-No. 7
 A La Nanigo
 A La Samba
 A Roman Holiday
 A Stroll on the Bottom of the Sea
 A Taste of Brahms
 A Time for Jazz
 A Visit To Hell
 A Whispering...
 A Winter Postlude
 A Year From Now
 Above and Beyond
 Acoustic Suite
 Acoustic Suite
 Adagio from Symphony No. 3
 Adelieland (from Happy Feet)
 African Communique
 African Dance
 African Elephant Run
 African Life
 African River
 African Rummut Dance
 African Sketches
 African Sun Walk
 African Transit
 African Welcome Piece
 Afro Three
 Against the Silence. . .
 Agua de Beber
 Air Express
 Akadinda Trio
 Al cruzar el puente
 Alborada del Gracioso
 Album for the Young Suite
 Alea-a game of chance
 Alegre Muchacho
 Alfred`s Beginning Snare Drum Duets
 All in Time
 All Not Seen
 All Things Come to Pass, Op. 36
 Allegre Muchacho
 Alternate Stickin` Parade
 Always, Never, Again
 America in Rhythm
 America The Beautiful
 American Patrol
 American Phoenix for bass trombone (or tuba) and 4 percussion
 Amorsque 2
 An Awkward Moment
 Ana Street
 Ancient Voices - Distant Storms
 And Four to Go
 And They Came to Play
 Anda rondando un MALAMBO
 Andrew`s Awake: It`s A Beautiful Day
 Andromeda - for Percussion Ensemble
 Anitra`s Dance
 Anitra`s Dance
 Anitra`s Dance for marimba quartet
 Antiphon for Two Drummers
 Any Way You Want It *
 Appalachian Spring
 Aquanautic Voyage
 Aquarium from `Carnival of the Animals`
 Arabian Sketches
 Aria and Burlesque
 Aria from "Three Scenes"
 Around the Corner
 As My Eyes Turn to Sand
 Ashland High
 Aspen Percussion Quartet
 Asturias from Suite Espanola
 At Loose Ends
 At the Dawn of War
 Audition No. 1
 Auriga for Four Percussionists
 Autumn Scenes
 Avalokita III
 Avatar II
 Awakening, The
 Aware of Discussion
 Away In A Manger
 Away in a Manger, One Silent Night
 Away Without Leave
 B-ville Bubbles
 Bachiana for Percussion
 Back Door, The
 Back Talk
 Bailaikan Holiday
 Ballade en faux re,
 Ballet for Bouncing Balls
 Bang. Volume 1
 Bang. Volume 2
 Bang. Volume 3
 Bang. Volume 4
 Barbaric Passages
 Bartok Builds a Snowman (adapted from "Frosty the Snowman")
 Basho Songs
 Batterie Diabolique
 Bavarian Strut *
 Bayon Pearnik
 Bayport Sketch
 Be Rockin` By 7
 Bears of Elisha
 Beat Ballet
 Because (A Beatles Medley)
 Beguine for Mallets
 Bellwood Six
 Beyond The Stars
 Big Bang, The for 6 percussion & piano
 Big Bob`s Return
 Big Jinks
 Big Show
 Billy Tell Rides Again
 Bing, Bang, Bong!
 Birth of a King
 Black Arches
 Black Cat
 Black Earth Polish Tracks
 Black Earth Polish Tracks
 Bleacher Features
 Blue Highways
 Blue Motion
 Blue Percussion
 Blue Rhythm Quintet
 Blue Rondo A La Turk
 Blue Tid Bit
 Blues and Cakewalk
 Blues and Chaser
 Blume-n Cuban
 Bog Music
 Bolero Spania
 Bombardment (Ludwig Music Collection of Drum Solos
 Bongo Louie
 Bonita`s Conga-ita
 Bonzai !
 Boogaloo: Rough and Tumble
 Boogie Man
 Book of Grooves
 Border Crossing
 Bossa Novacaine
 Bourbon Street Strut
 Bourree fantasque
 Boy oh Boy
 Brandenburg concerto No. 2
 Brandenburg No. 2: Allegro Moderato
 Breeze-Easy Percussion Ensembles
 Brooms Hilda
 Bryce Canyon
 Buffalo Dance
 Buried Fire
 Bustin` Loose *
 Busy Box
 Butai No Tameno Ongaku (Music For Kabuki Theatre)
 Butchemish Ragtime
 By Chance
 By Departing Light
 Cabasa Trio #1
 Cabasa Trio #2
 Cabasa Trio #3
 Cactus Trilogy
 Cadance for Two
 Cadencia para Berimbau
 Caliente Christmas
 Calypso For Pan
 Calypsoca: for Steelband & Percussion Trio
 Camel in the City
 Cameo Suite
 Camptown Hoedown *
 Camptown Races
 Can Can
 Cancer Ward
 Canon (Percussion Ensemble)
 Canon for Percussion
 Canon in D [up to 10]
 Canticle No. 1
 Canticle No. 3
 Can`t Stop M`Leg
 Caprice Diabolique
 Caprice Espagnol: Spanish Caprice
 Captain Henry March (from Percussion Section Techn
 Caribbean Sea
 Carlsbad (Through the Caverns)
 Carmina Burana
 Carnatic Variations
 Carnaval *
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells from "Season`s Beatings"
 Carpe Diem
 Cast Off
 Cat Spanking
 Cats Medley
 CC Conga
 Celebration *
 Celebration and Chorale
 Celestial Welcome
 Cenas Brasileiras para Quarteto de Percussao
 Cento Vesperitus
 Ceremonies of Old Men
 Cha Cha Blues
 Chamade Suite
 Chamber Piece for Percussion Quintet
 Chamber Sonata for Percussion Sextet
 Chameleon Music
 Changing Hands Rag
 Changing Patterns
 Changing States 2
 Changing Woods
 Channel One Suite (Movement III)
 Characters Three
 Chasin` the Beat
 Chelsea`s Dance
 Chi-chi`s Cha-cha (from "For Snare Drummers Only")
 Chicago Sketches
 Chick Corea Children`s Songs: Set 1
 Chick Corea Children`s Songs: Set 2
 Chief Judge
 Children of Sanchez
 Childrens Songs
 Chili Pepper
 Chinese Laundry Man
 Chiquita Express
 Christmas Medley
 Chromatic Fantasy
 Circadian Rhythms
 Circle Dances
 Circle Sonata
 Circus Circus!
 City Lights
 City Soca
 Clapping Music
 Classic Favorites
 Clave & Sons
 Clintonian Sketch
 Clouds Make Songo Away
 Club at the End of the Street
 Coexistence for clarinet and percussion quartet
 Col. Irons (from Drum Method, Book 2)
 Cold Light
 Colored Windows, Tempered Rooms
 Coloring Sheet
 Combo Mambo
 Combo Meal
 Come all Ye (adapted from "O Come All ye Faithful")
 Comedians Gallop *
 Coming Undone
 Common Ground
 Composition No. 147
 Compound Autonomy
 Concert No. 1 for Slagwerk
 Concert No. 2 Voor Slagwerk
 Concert Piece for Timpani Duet
 Concertino for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
 Concertino for Percussion
 Concerto (vibra solo & piano reduc)
 Concerto da Camera no. 5
 Concerto for Marimba and Choir (with percussion)
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto for Percussion & Orchestra
 Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
 Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra
 Concerto for Percussion Solo
 Concerto for Piano and Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto for vibraphone & stings orchestra
 Concerto No. 1 & No. 2 Voor Slagwerk
 Concerto No. 2
 Concerto No. 2 for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto No. 2 for Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto pour batterie et petit orchestre
 Conga * Thriller * (I`ve Had) The Time of My Life
 Conga Mix
 Conga Tarang
 Congastuck / CongaSt
 Continuum (for percussion quartet)
 Contrarhythmic Ostinato
 Contrasting Gestures
 Contrasts for Percussion
 Contredanse (The Battle)
 Conun - Drum for Percussion Ensemble
 Conversation for Two Tambourines
 Conversations for Timpani Duo
 Cool Stuff
 Cores Norte/Sul
 Cosmic Constellation
 Couleurs Juxaposees I
 Counterpoint for Percussion Quartet
 Country Variations
 Coventry Carol
 Coventry Storm
 Cowa Bongos Dude
 Crab-Canon for Three Percussionists
 Crash Course
 Credo in Us
 Cricket City
 Crispy Critters
 Critical Mass
 Crossroads for trombone choir (4-part) and percussion ensemble (8-part)
 Crown Of Thorns
 Crystals, The
 Cuban Breeze
 Cuban Concerto
 Curled Dimensions
 Currents for 4 percussion
 Cycle for Percussion
 Czerny Goes Mad
 Da Trash
 DaMa-Dance 2
 Dance Barbaro for Percussion
 Dance for 4
 Dance Mix
 Dance Music
 Dance Music Two
 Dance of the Hours
 Dance of the Storms
 Dance of the Wind-up Toy
 Dance Patterns for Four Percussionists
 Dance Russe
 Dance Suite
 Dans La Nuit
 Danse Macabre
 Danse Macabre arranged for percussion ensemble
 Danza Furioso
 Danzon Macabre
 Dark Visions - Mvt III (finale)
 Davis S. Barnum
 Dawn Patrol
 Deck the Halls
 Deck the Halls
 Deck the Halls from "Season`s Beating"
 Declarative Stances
 Defying Gravity
 DeJa Voodoo
 Del Corazon
 Desert Cavern
 Desert Celebration
 Desert Express
 Design Groups I
 Desperate Attitudes
 Deuxieme Concerto
 Devadasi: The Slave of God
 Diablo Jam
 Diabolic Variations
 Dialogue for Vibraphone and Percussion
 Dialogue for Snare Drum and Timpani
 Did Ya See That?
 Die Arten des Wassers Player 1
 Die Arten des Wassers Player 2
 Digga-digga, Digga-digga, Digga-digga, Digga-digga Deegot
 Dill Pickles
 Dimensions III
 Dining Room Music
 Diptych No. 2
 Diversions and Interactions
 Do Re Mi
 Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
 Dolphins and Whales
 Double Concerto for Two Percussion and Orchestra
 Double Flanging I
 Double Music
 Down Yonder
 Downfall of Paris
 Dr. Time
 Drawings: Set No. 1
 Dream Music No. 2 for Four Players
 Dream Sequence for trombone (or euphonium) and percussion quartet
 Drum Arrangement Duets
 Drum Boogie (Swing Show Percussion Feature)
 Drum Ceremony
 Drum Ensembles
 Drum Fun
 Drum Tune
 Drummer Boy (adapted from "Carol of the Drum")
 Drummers Courageous
 Drummers Courageous
 Drummers Five
 Drummer`s Canzonetta
 Drummer`s Delight
 Drummer`s Patrol
 Drummer`s Symphony No. 1
 Drumming I (3, 6, 12)
 Drummin` Home
 Drummin`Round the Mountain
 Drums A Poppin`
 Drums Galore
 Drums on the `Phone
 Duet for Tom-Toms
 Duet Colours
 Duet for 2 Snare Drums
 Duet for Snare Drum and Bass Drum with Cymbals (at
 Duet for Snare Drum and Timpani
 Duet for Two Snare Drums
 Duet No. 1
 Duet No. 2
 Duet No. 3
 Duet No.4 (Saliferous Reminiscense)
 Duet Set: Ostinato
 Duet Set: Percussion Phase
 Duet Set: Sarabande
 Duet Trio
 Duets for All
 Duets for the Snare Drum
 Duo Chopinesque
 Duo for Percussion
 Duo for Percussion
 Duo for Timpani
 Duo Sonatina
 Dvorak #9
 Ease On Down the Road
 Eastern Pacific Liner / aka Eastern Oriental Expre
 Easy 2/4 Percussion Quintet
 Easy 3/4 Percussion Quintet
 Easy 4/4 Percussion Quintet
 Echinda`s Arf
 Echoes From The Gorge
 Edge of the World
 Eerie Interlude
 Egyptian Danza
 Eight Etudes for Two Percussionists
 Eight Inventions
 Eight on 3 and Nine on 2
 Eine Kleine Drumusik
 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
 Eine kleine Nachtmusik
 El Cumbanchero
 El Races de la Camptown
 Elemental Dances
 Elephant Breath
 Elite Syncopations
 Eli`s Bounce
 Elmhurst Quintet
 Elusive One
 Emerson Lake and Palmer Suite
 Encore in Jazz
 Encounters VI
 End of The Line
 Enlacage II
 Enlacage III
 Ensemble 24 pieces for mallet ensemble
 Enter This Deserted House
 Entracte from "The Nose"
 Epic of Western Man
 Episodes for Percussion Trio
 Erlkonig (The Elf King)
 Escapade (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Escapade for alto sax & percussion quartet
 Escape Artist
 Escape to Freedom
 Escape Velocity
 Espiritu Libre
 Essences of the Four Signs
 Etude in C# Minor (Op. 2, No. 1)
 Etude in Latin Style
 Etudes Choreographiques
 Evening on the Beach
 Evenings Sabres
 Executive Suite
 Exit Up Right
 Exploration of Time
 Eye Irascible
 Falcones luminis: Percussion Ensemble
 Fancy Four
 Fancy That
 Fanfare and Fugue
 Fanfare Bravo
 Fanfare Canon
 Fanfare for Double Percussion Trio
 Fanfare for Percussion
 Fanfare for Six
 Fanfare for Tambourines
 Fanfare for the Return of Shadow
 Fantasia De La Danza
 Fantastic Night
 Fantastic Voyage
 Fascinating Rhythm
 Fascinatin` Rhythm
 Fat Piece
 Favorite Holiday Carols
 Favorite Holiday Carols 2
 Fear Cage
 Fearless symmetries
 Feel the Spirit
 Feels Right Warm-ups for Percussion
 Festival Fanfare
 Festival for Nine Percussionists
 Festival of the New Sun
 Ffun *
 Fiddle Fantasy
 Field of the Dead
 Fiesta de Sueños
 Fifth Simfony
 Fine Tuning
 Fire Dance
 Fire from Celestial Elements
 Firecracker, Op. 87
 First Circle
 First Circle
 First Construction (in Metal)
 First Impressions
 First Quartet
 First Quartet
 First Transformation
 Five by Five
 Five Dream Sequences
 Five Drums in Drive
 Five Elementary Etudes
 Five Hymn Tunes
 Five Miniatures for Six Percussionists
 Five Movements
 Five Perspectives for Percussion
 Five Pieces by Russian Composers
 Five Up Front
 Flat Baroque
 Flight of the Falcon
 Flinging It In Threefold
 Flinging it Threefold
 Flying Garbanzos, The
 Follow Suit
 For 1, 2, or 3 People
 For Elise
 For Four Percussionists
 For Six Percussionists
 For Snare Drummers Only
 For The Day
 For Three Percussionists
 For Three Percussionists
 Force, The
 Foreign Objects
 Forest Rain
 Four African Dances
 Four Comments for Latin Hand Instruments
 Four Dances for Percussion Ensemble
 Four Dimensions
 Four Holidays
 Four Horsemen
 Four Movements for Percussion Quartet
 Four Sketches for Sam
 Four Stick Joe
 Four Stories
 Four Studies for Four Percussion Players
 Four Studies for Young Percussion Ensemble
 Four Times Three
 Four Way Split
 Fox Fire
 Freeway Of Love *
 Frescoes 70
 From the Book of Imaginary Beings
 Fughetta alla Siciliana
 Fughetta Rock
 Fugue (2nd movement from Suite for Percussion
 Fugue and Chorale
 Fugue for Eight Percussion Instruments
 Fugue for Percussion
 Fugue for Percussion
 Fum, Fum, Fum!
 Funf Schlagzeugtrios (five perc. trios)
 Funkey Monkey
 G-Spot Tornado
 Galadriel 2
 Game Over
 Gamelan Sketches
 Gankino Choro
 Gate to Heaven (Journey of the Soul)
 Gauntlet, The
 Gavotte for Percussion
 Gemini Variations
 Gending Bali
 Get Loose-Mother Goose
 Get On Your Feet *
 Ghanaba Celebration
 Gladstone Quartet
 Globus II
 Gna Gna * - from Armenian Dances
 Gnomes and Other Twilight Creatures
 Go Between
 Go Beyond
 Go Tell it on the Mountain
 Golliwog`s Cakewalk
 Good News
 Goodbye & Go Begin
 Gospel Hoedown
 Gotta Have It Hot
 Gravestone Canons
 Grime Busters
 Groan Men Counting
 gRoove it!
 Groove Machine
 Groove Thang
 Groove Time
 Gupta Sloka Chanda
 Gymnopedie No. 1
 Gypsy Dance
 Halcyon Days
 Hand Jam
 Hands Up
 Hark! (adapted from "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
 Hary Janos Suite
 Have You Heard
 Head Talk
 Heads Up!
 Heat of the Day
 Herbstmusik (Autumn Music)
 Hi Jive
 High on a Hill
 Hilpealla Miella - In High Spirits
 Hindi - Yaat No. 1
 Hip Avenue
 Hip Hop Bop
 Hip-Hop Deluxe
 Hocus Pocus
 Hokkaido Jishin, Op. 37
 Hold Fast
 Holiday for Percussion
 Holiday Special
 Holiday Suite for Percussion
 Homage a Mi Amigo
 Home by Sundown
 Hommage a O
 Hottest Point of the Day
 Houston Strokes
 How Insensitive
 Hug It
 Hummingbird Songs
 Hungarian Dance
 Hungarian Dance No. 5
 Hypnotic for Percussion Quartet
 I am still the King
 I Can Fly
 I Feel Tears Rain Down
 I Know What You
 I Saw Three Ships
 If She Only Knew
 If You Please
 Imaginario I
 Imaginary Landscape #1
 Imaginary Landscape #3
 Imagined Quarter
 Immortal Dream
 In Line
 In Praise of Johnny Appleseed
 In Praise of Johnny Appleseed (A Ballet)
 In Sync With You
 In Tandem
 In the Mud at Toad Suck Park
 In the Pocket
 In Us
 Incidental Music for Percussion
 Incoming (Pearl Milk Tea)
 Indipendenza: NO LIMIT
 Inside Story
 Instant Carmen
 Instruments of Mass Deception (IMD)
 Interactions for Vibes and Percussion
 Interior Design
 Intermediate Duets for Snare Drum
 Intermezzo The Nose Die Nase
 Internal Rhythms
 Interpenetration No. 2
 Interplay for Percussion Sextet
 Into the Pure Land
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Allegro
 Introduction and Fugue
 Introduction and March
 Introduction and Rondo
 Introduction and Samba
 Intrustion of the Hunter
 Invention for Four Percussion Players
 Invention for Percussion Quintet
 Inventions on a Motive
 Island Jam #7
 Island Jam #8
 Island Jam #9
 Island Magic
 Its Not Carmen, So Save It
 Ivory Passage
 Jamaica Mon
 Jamaican Holiday
 Japanese Impressions
 Japanese Overture
 Japanese Overture
 Java Dance *
 Jazz Miniature
 Jazz Variants
 Jeux 4
 Jeux Pour Quatre
 Jingle Bells
 Jive for Five
 Jive Interlude
 Jive Potatoes
 Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
 Jorge El Loco
 Journey of Light
 Joy to the World
 Juggler, The
 Junk Funk
 Jupiter II
 Just Buckets
 Just Buckets
 Juxtaposition No. 1
 Kalahari (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Kaleidoscope Eyes
 Kartini of Bulgaria (Pictures from Bulgaria)
 Katies Bossa
 Kazoo March
 Kazoo U
 Keystone Capers
 Kick`n Easy
 Killer Joe
 King Kong *
 Kingdom V Departed
 Knick Knack for Percussion
 Knock on Wood
 Knocking Piece
 Kumi I
 Kumi II
 Kvart i Fyra
 La Boda de Luiz Alonso
 La Chute de Paree
 La Forza del Destino
 La Grimas de Thelma
 Labrynth No. 3
 Lamento e Danza Barbara
 Land Of Dreams
 Lasciatemi Morire
 Latin Fantasy
 Latin Ostinato
 Latin Ostinato
 Latin Quartet
 Latin Resume
 Latin Spice
 Latinology (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Lattes on the House
 Laughing Hands with Poly Purposes
 Le Petit Livre D`Anna Magdalena Bach
 Le Tambourin
 Leaves Fell Playfully
 Leetul ReeKee
 Lemon Merengue
 Les Moutons de Panurge
 Let`s Duet
 Let`s Give Them a Hand
 Lieutenant Donna
 LIght in Your Eyes
 Lignum Vitae
 Like the Wind Mocks Trees
 Lime Juice
 Limerick Daydreams
 Lindo Cha Cha
 Little Green Man
 Little Sea Gongs
 Little Suite
 Liturgical Music
 Living Room Music (Percussion & Speech Quartet)
 Livin` la Vida Loca (Percussion Feature)
 Lobster Walk
 Logarithms for Percussion
 London Bridge
 Long Island Sound
 Lord of the Flies
 Los Dioses Aztecas
 Lost Souls
 Louie Louie
 Lovely Lady
 Low Tide
 Mad Hatters
 Magnum Opus
 Mah-Na Mah-Na
 Make A Move
 Makena Mchumba
 Mallet Fantasia
 Mandala 1: Synchron
 Many Moods of Marilyn
 Maple Leaf Rag
 March for 30 Percussion Instruments
 March for Percussion
 March for Percussion
 March for TheNutcracker
 March for Two Pairs of Kettledrums
 March from Peter and the Wolf
 March Humoresque
 March of the Eagles
 March of the Toys
 March Right In
 March Rondo
 March Suite
 March to the Scaffold
 March to the Scaffold from "Symphonie Fantastique"
 Marching Drummers: Street Beats No. 80-81, Modern
 Mardi Gras Parade
 Marimba + 6
 Marimba Carol Medley
 Marimba Suite Part 1
 Marimba Suite Part 2
 Marimba Suite Part 3
 Marimba Suite Part 4
 Marimba Trio No. 1
 Marimbastucke mit Zwei Schlagzeugern
 Mas Fuerte
 Mau-Mau Suite
 McKinley Forge
 Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe
 Medieval Dances
 Melisande`s Death
 Memories of an Unforgettable Love
 Mendelssohn`s 4th
 Mercredi 11h30,
 Mercury Retrograde
 Mercury Rising
 Mesa Verde
 Metal Concert
 Metal, Skin, Wood
 Metallique Mystique
 Mexican Food Phase
 Mi Milagro
 Midnight Express
 Midnight In Tunisia
 Midnight Voyage
 Military Men
 Millet Music
 Miniature Suite
 Minimal Studies
 Minor Infraction
 Minor Moment
 Minuano 6/8
 Mitos Brasileiros (Brazilian Myths)
 Mixed Motives
 Mixtures II
 Mo Better Groove
 Mo Diddley
 Mo Java
 Modern Street Beats: Power & Glory Op. 76, Fine &
 Modern Times for narrator, flute doubling on piccolo & 4 percussion
 Monday Night
 Monkey Time *
 Monster Mudder Truck Pull
 Mood Exercise
 Morning Flower
 Morning Sunshine
 Mosaic, Op.30
 Mountain Images
 Movements for Percussion
 Moving Air
 Muddy Waters (version 1)
 Multiculturalità: NO LIMIT
 Multiple Percussion Duet No. 1
 Mushroom Soup
 Music for Cross Cultures No. 1
 Music for Kettledrums and Percussion Ensemble
 Music for Mallets and Percussion
 Music for Percussion
 Music for Percussion
 Music for Percussion
 Music for Pieces of Wood
 Music of Steady Light
 Musica Battuta
 Musica Tridentina
 Musik fur 2 Schlagzeuger
 Musique de Tables
 Mysterious Exit for flute/piccolo and 4 percussion
 Mystic Prelude
 Nation Formation
 Natural Forces
 Neon Sunrise
 Nervous Notes
 Nesaquake Shake
 New Way Home
 Newport (from Drum Method, Book 2)
 Night Crawler
 Night Flight of the Infidels
 Night Music: a serenade for 3 percussionists
 Night of the Bocor
 Nimrod / Enigma Variations
 Nine in a Pocket
 Nipponese Miniatures for Percussion
 No Deposit, No Return
 No Excuses
 No Exit
 No Hay Parqueo
 No Name Quartet
 No Parking Anytime
 No Two Crystals Alike
 Nocturne, Op. 15, No. 1
 Nordic Peace
 North Star
 Not Just Another Finale
 November Soca
 Nutcracker March
 O Come, O Come Emmanuel
 O Green and Shmmering Tree, Good Day!
 O Moco Caj
 O Sifuni Mungo
 O Tannenbaum
 O Voo Da Mosca
 Octaginal Ostinato
 Octette for Percussion
 October Mountain
 Ode to an Ardvark
 Ode To Joy
 Of Hanukkah
 Of Two Minds
 Off Axis
 Off We Go
 Office Force
 Ogoun Badagris
 Oh Holy Night
 Omphalo Centric Lecture
 On the Horizon
 Once Removed
 Once You Get Started *
 One for Two
 One Horse Sleigh
 One Over Three
 One Over Three
 One Plus One
 One Plus Six
 One Step Ahead
 One-Eyed Jacks
 Ooodles Of Doodles
 Opus IV No. 1 Allegro Assai (2nd Mvt.)
 Orangutang Gang
 Orbis Magicus
 Oriental Impressions
 Oriental Mambo
 Orisha Offering
 Oscar`s Rock
 Ostinati Machina
 Ostinato Pianissimo
 Ouside Edge
 Out In Ten
 Out of the Primordial Ocean
 Outdoor - Indoor Percussion, volume I
 Over the Rainbow
 Overture for Percussion Ensemble
 Overture for Percussion Ensemble
 Overture For Percussion Toys
 Overture for Percussion, for percussion quartet
 Overture in Percussion
 Overture In Wood
 Oye Como Va
 Pa Qua
 Pagan Place
 Palmetto Moon
 Pan 2000
 Pan Hip
 Pan Spiritual
 Panda Pause
 Papa`s Got A Brand New Rag
 Para Bueno
 Para Rafa
 Parade of the Penguins
 Parade of the Quints
 Parading Parrots
 Paradox III
 Paranoid Android
 Paschal Dances
 Pass The Salsa
 Passacussion op. 20
 Passage of Time
 Past Midnight
 Pat Metheny Suite
 Pattern Percussion
 Patterns for Percussion
 Peanut Brittle
 Pecking Order
 Peer Gynt Suite #1, movements II, III and IV
 Pent-agons for Percussion
 Pentacle (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Pentadic Striations (Groovy Patterns of Five)
 Pentameter for Four Percussionists
 Pentatonic Clock
 Percussion Debate
 Percussion Ensemble for Four
 Percussion Ensemble for Three
 Percussion Ensembles for Young Players
 Percussion for Five
 Percussion Loops
 Percussion Movement from Symphony No. 1
 Percussion Movie
 Percussion Music
 Percussion Music for 3 Players
 Percussion Opus 14
 Percussion Piece
 Percussion Pieces for Duos, Trios and Quartets
 Percussion Quartet
 Percussion Quartet
 Percussion Quartet
 Percussion Quartet #6
 Percussion Quartet No. 1
 Percussion Quartet No. 2: Yacatisma
 Percussion Quartet No.2
 Percussion Quintet
 Percussion Sextet No. 1
 Percussion Sleigh Ride
 Percussion Studies
 Percussion Suite
 Percussion Suite
 Percussion Suite Number One
 Percussion Suite of Brazilian Folksongs
 Percussion Symphonette
 Percussion Symphony
 Percussion Trajectories
 Percussionmarsch Nr. 1
 Percussive Counterpoint
 Percussive Panorama
 Percussive Rondo
 Performance Studies for Two
 Peril of the Bells
 Perk Cushion On Sam Bull
 Peter Gunn
 Petite Suite I, II
 Phantasm III
 Pico De Paco
 Pictures for Percussion
 Piece for Claves and Tom-Toms
 Piece for Percussion
 Pieces of Eight
 Pika Don
 Piru Bole
 Pitina`s Kitchen
 Plagal Alterations
 Plato`s Cave
 Please Pass the Beats!
 Poem For Percussion
 Poem for Percussion
 Pok-it. Percussion Quartet
 Polka A Trois
 Polka Dots
 Polka in Treblinka
 Ponchero * Mexican Mama * Verde Colina * Mexican M
 Pony Express
 Popsong for Two Marimbas
 Power Struggle
 Praise to The Lord, The Almighty/Amazing Grace
 Precision Percussion
 Prelude (1st movement from Suite for Percussion)
 Prelude and 2 Dances for Percussion Ensemble
 Prelude and Allegro
 Prelude and Dragonfly Dance
 Prelude and Fugue
 Prelude and Fugue
 Prelude and Fugue in Miniature
 Prelude for Percussion
 Prelude for Percussion Trio
 Prelude Op. 16
 Prelude to Paradise
 Preludio Fantastico and Danza Magico
 Preludio for Percussion
 Primal Groove
 Primative Echoes
 Primitive Cosmos, The
 Prisoners of the Image Factory
 Procession of the Gnomes
 Project Percussion for 13 Percussion Instruments,
 Prologue and Fight
 Promise Music
 Prophecy, Op. 12
 Pulse Theorem
 Purdy`s Maze
 Purgatory, Op. 54
 Pursuit Of The Lady In The Feathered Hat, The
 Puzzle I
 Puzzle II
 Puzzle III
 Puzzle IV
 Puzzle Pieces
 Pythagoras And The Four Hammers
 Quakers and Conures
 Quartet For Percussion
 Quartet for Drum Sets
 Quartet for Paper Bags
 Quartet for Percussion
 Quartet for Percussion
 Quartet for Percussion
 Quartet for Snare Drums (V)
 Quartet in F Major (Mvt. 2) - Maurice Ravel
 Quasi Bossa Nova
 Quint Capers
 Quintet for Percussion
 Quintet in Five
 Quotations in Percussion (Parts 1 and 2)
 Quratet for 4 Equal Percussion Instruments
 Race The Desert
 Ragtime Renegades
 Rain Cloud
 Rain for percussion ensemble and solo flute
 Rainforest (for Boomwhacker ensemble)
 Rancho Jubilee
 Rap Pack
 Raptures of Undream
 Raspberry Tango
 Rat Race
 Razzle Dazzle
 Razzle-Dazzle and Rock
 Re: Percussion
 Reality I
 Rebana Loops
 Rebirth After Fire and Brimstone, Op. 20
 Recessional March
 Rechargeable Batterie
 Recital Duo
 Refrains for Five Percussionists
 Retrograde Waltz
 Return and Recall
 Revelation 4:11
 Rhythm + Numbers = Rhyumbers
 Rhythm and Colors op. 19 A
 Rhythm Busters
 Rhythm is Gonna Get You *
 Rhythm Strip
 Rhythm-Study II
 Rhythmic Statements [5]
 Rhythms of Innocence
 Rhythms of Innocence
 Rhythmus 1
 Rhythmus 2
 Rhythmus 3
 Rhythmus 4
 Ricercare for Percussion No. 1
 Ricercare No. 2 for Percussion
 Rimbasly (version 4): Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
 Rio Danza * Oro Rio * Dance On * Mexican Hat Dance
 Rite of Passage
 Ritmica No. 5
 Ritmica No. 6
 Ritmo Suave
 Ritual No. 1
 Ritual No. 2
 Ritual of the Tribe
 River is the Way
 River, The
 Robin Laid an Egg (adapted from "Jingle Bells")
 Roc Igor Suite
 Rock House Creek
 Rock Trap
 Rockata and Fugue
 Rockin` Robin *
 Roll-Off Rhumba
 Roller Jubilee
 Rolling Progress
 Rondalla Aragonesa for Percussion Ens.
 Rondeau for Percussion
 Rondino for Eight Handclappers
 Rondo for Percussion
 Rondo for Percussion
 Rondo Scherzando
 Root Beer Rag
 Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1
 Round About
 Roundabout: Four Canons and Something Else
 Royal Fireworks Suite
 Rrrrrr.... Six Schlagzeugduos
 Rudimental Rascals
 Rudimental Rock and Rolls
 Rudimental Roulade
 Rudimental Rumble
 Rumba Clave
 Run (by Tsoof Baras)
 Russian Dance - Trepak
 Sabre Dance
 Sacred Stones
 Sacrificial Rite
 Sahara Dream
 Saint Patrick`s Shenanigan
 Salty Fish Flesh
 Samba Brazilian Scenes #3
 Samba Classico
 Samba Macabre
 Samba..alla Turca!
 Sambamarimba Blues
 Sambas No.2
 San Luis
 Sanctus Bells
 Sans Rival
 Savage Ritual
 Scavenger Music
 Scavenger Music
 Scenes from Earth
 Scherzo a Due`
 Scherzo and Cadenza
 Scherzo for Percussion
 Scherzoid II
 Schlagzeug-Trio op. 52
 Schlagzeugquartett (Quartet for Percussion)
 Sci-Fi Percussives for 12 percussion
 Science Fiction
 Scope (Timpani Concerto #1)
 Scottish Dance
 Seasons: For 4 or 2 percussion players and tape (2
 Sechs Leichte Schlagzeugtrios (Six easy perc. trio
 Second Construction
 Second Petite Suite
 Senegal Calling
 Senegal Calling
 Senor Mouse
 Septet No.2
 Serenade for the Doll
 Serenade to a Sand Dune
 Serengetti Dance
 Seven Percussion Trios
 Seventh Degree, The
 Sextet for Percussion
 Sextet for Percussion
 Shaboom !
 Shades of Glass
 Shadow Boxes
 Shadow Chasers
 Shagal Flies Away Over His Sleeping Vitebsk
 Shaken, Not Stirred
 Shaker Song
 Sharpened Stick
 Shifting Waves
 Shock and Awe
 Shock Factor
 Shoe Bop
 Short Circuits
 Short Overture for Percussion
 Silent Night
 Silent Night
 Silent Night from "Season`s Beating"
 Simfony No. 13
 Simulating Assimilation
 Sinister Minister
 Sir Lancelot
 Six Allegro Duets for Percussion
 Six Easy Percussion Trios
 Six Invocations to the Svara Mandala
 Six Little Indians
 Six Marimbas
 Six Pieces for Percussion
 Six Reflections
 Six Slick Stix Click Licks
 Six-two-ets (Six short duets)
 Sixteenths for Snare
 Sixty-Five Years from Tomorrow
 Sketch for Percussion
 Sketchs for Mallet Percussion
 Skin Tensor
 Sky Dancer trio
 Slap Shift
 Slavonic Dance #1
 Slavonic Dance No. 3
 Slavonic Dances No. 2 Op. 46
 Slay Ride (adapted from "Sleigh Ride"
 Sleigh Ride
 Small Box
 Smoky Mokes
 Snap! A Snare Drum Quartet
 Snare Bass Duet
 Snare Drum Duet No. 1
 Snare Duet
 Snares Forward
 Snares, Traps and Other Hunting Devices
 Soca Phase
 Soca-ing Wet
 Soliloquy for Percussion
 Some Skunk Funk
 Some Uptown Hip-Hop
 Something for Riley
 Son Clave
 Son of The Line
 Sonata for Percussion
 Sonata for Percussion
 Sonata in A Minor (L. 241/K. 54)
 Sonata No. 4 for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble
 Sonatina for Marimba, Four Hands
 Sonatina for Percussion Ensemble
 Sonatina for Two Percussion Players
 Song to the Moon
 Sonhando em Salvador
 Sonic Boom
 Sonic Sauce
 Sorcerer`s Apprentice
 Soul Bossa Nova
 Soul City
 Soul of the New Machine
 Soul of the New Machine
 Sound, The
 South American Capers
 South of the Border
 Space Mambo
 Spanish Dance
 Spare Change
 Spectrum No. 1 Green
 Spielstucke fur kleines Schlagwerk
 Spike (for untuned percussion ensemble)
 Spinning Song
 Spirits Rising (a Malinke tribute)
 Spontaneous Cat, The
 Sporady and Caccia
 Sport Shorts for Percussion (featuring "Sing, Sing
 Spring Sunrise
 Spring Waltz
 Spring Wind
 Square Dance
 St. Thomas Suite
 Stained Glass
 Stand Jams, Volume 3 (Latin Explosion)
 Standup Shadow
 Standup Shadow
 Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones Percuss
 Stars in the Clear Night Sky
 Statement for Percussion
 Statements for Percussion
 Steed of all Steeds
 Step & Clap
 Steppin` Out *
 Stew for Three
 Stick Games
 Stick Insect
 Still Life
 Stir Crazy
 Stomping Through The Rye
 STOP, It`s Time for Bobby Christian
 Storm Warning and Dance
 Strange Loops
 Stravinsky Joins the Force
 Strawberry Blonde
 Street Dreams
 Strictly Genteel
 Strictly Taboo
 strike 2
 Strike, Shake, & Stomp
 String Quartet in F
 Strut *
 Studs 2
 Study in 5/8
 Study in 7/8
 Submarine Express
 Suite (for the Victims of Ap Dong Gi)
 Suite Carmen
 Suite for Drums
 Suite for Drumset
 Suite for Five
 Suite for Keyboard Percussion
 Suite for Mallets - Movement 1
 Suite for Percussion
 Suite for Percussion
 Suite for Percussion
 Suite for Percussion in Three Movements
 Suite for Sideman and Handclappers
 Suite for Tambourine and Percussion Ensemble
 Suite for Three Drum Sets
 Suite for Weatherkings
 Suite of Five
 Suite of Miniatures
 Suite Popular Brasiliera
 Suite Variee
 Summer Song
 Summon the Spirits
 Summoning of Katakhanes
 Sun Dragon
 Surely You Joust
 Surface Tension
 Surrey With the Fringe on Top
 Sweet Bach
 Sweet William
 Swing It Straight
 Swing, Swang, Swung
 Swinger Ringer
 Swingin` Along
 Swingin` Jingle Bells
 Swords of Power
 Symphone No. 5: Scherzo
 Symphony #3 (Sacred)
 Symphony for Percussion
 Symphony for Percussion
 Symphony for Percussion
 Symphony for Six
 Symphony in E-Flat Major/ J. Stamitz
 Symphony No. 1 for Percussion Octet
 Symphony No. 2 for Percussion
 Symphonyn for Percussion
 Synchronisims No. 5 for Tape and Percussion
 Syncopate My Afuche
 Syncopation Puzzle,
 Tabla Dance
 Tabla-Tahmeel No. 1
 Taco Tico
 Take Five
 Take Hold of Me
 Take That
 Tangles In The Web
 Tango d` Oriental
 Tango Passacaglia
 Tank Girl
 Tea for Three
 Tears of Apollo
 Teddy Bear
 Tell It To The Gov`nor
 Temple of Yang for Eight Players
 Temporal Landscape Number Three
 Ten Elementary Percussion Ensembles
 Ten Lords-A-Leaping
 Tenebrosa giorno
 Terra Firma
 Terra-cotta Warriors
 That`s One in a Row
 The 2nd flight of the bumblebee
 The Abongo
 The Ascension, Op. 21
 The Batterie from Opera "The Nose"
 The Black Page
 The Black Page.
 The Brain Suck
 the ceiling is alive
 The Celtic Xylophone, Book 1
 The Celtic Xylophone, Book 2
 The Children`s Corner: Golliwog`s Cakewalk
 The Christmas Song
 The Christmas Trilogy
 The Clown
 The Conquerors
 The Converter
 The Cry
 The Doomsday Machine
 The Drums of Orpheus
 The Drums of Orpheus
 The Electric City
 The Entertainer
 The Firecracker
 The Frame Problem
 The Furious Angels
 The Gathering Sky
 The Girl who was turned into a Tree
 The Glory and the Grandeur
 The Golden Age of the Xylophone
 The Good News
 The Goodbye Look
 The Little Clay Cart
 The Manes Scroll
 The Miraculous Mandarin
 The Morning of the World
 The Nesaquake Shaka
 The Night Watch
 The Old Woman
 The Palace of Nine Perfections
 The Percussion Rondo
 The Percussionistas
 The Phantom Dances
 The Phantom Drummer of Tidworth
 The Pony Express
 The REM Cycle
 The Return of Gran Yumba
 The Rite of Passage
 The Sheep Said, Baa
 The Song of Queztecoatl
 The Stars and Stripes Forever
 The Swords of Moda-Ling
 The travelling phantom
 The Twelve Days of Christmas
 The Twelve Drum Fills of Christmas (adapted from "The Twelve Days of Christmas)
 The Whole Toy Laid Down
 The Winding River
 The Winner
 The Woman Who Fell From The Sky
 The Young Lions
 Theatric no. 10
 Theatric no.1
 Theatric no.6
 their four and sow three
 Theme and Variations
 Theme and Variations for percussion
 Theme Park X 4n
 These are a Few of my Favorite Things
 Third Construction
 Third Wind
 This Old Man
 This Spring
 Tho`Down at the Ho`Down
 Three Asiatic Dances
 Three Banditos, The
 Three Brothers
 Three by Three
 Three Cuban Pieces
 Three Dance Movements
 Three Dance Sketches
 Three Dances
 Three Dances
 Three Drum Quartets from Earth and the Great Weath
 Three Episodes
 Three Four All
 Three Friends
 Three Javanese Episodes (As Witnessed by An Office
 Three Matters Of Importance
 Three Minus One
 Three Moods for Percussion
 Three Moods for Two Multiple Percussionists
 Three Movements for Percussion
 Three Movements for Percussion Ensemble
 Three Pieces for Drum Quartet
 Three Pieces for Percusion
 Three Pieces for Percussion
 Three Pieces for Percussion Quartet
 Three Pieces for Two Pair of Timpani
 Three Play
 Three Poems for Percussion
 Three Puerto Rican Songs
 Three Scenes in Nature
 Three Settings
 Three Sketches
 Three Studies in Fours
 Three Tapsters (in W.F.L Collection of Solos)
 Three/Four for Two
 Three`s a Crowd
 Thunder on the Bay
 Thunder Roll for piano and 3 percussion
 TIc Tae
 Tijuana Samba
 Timbrack Quartet
 Timbre Variations (from Percussion Section Techniq
 Time For A Change
 Time Out
 Time Waits for No One
 Timecraft: For Mallet Percussion Ensemble
 Times Two
 Timesliding Towards Twirling
 Timpanic MemBRAIN
 Tin Can Alley
 Tito`s Taxicab
 To the Islands
 To the Max!
 To Those Who Are Brave
 Toccata for Alto Sax and Five Percussion
 Toccata for Six
 Toccata Ichor
 Toccata No. 1 for Percussion
 Toccata Without Instruments
 Toccata, for mallet quintet
 Toco Madera
 Toes in the Sand
 Tombo in 7/4
 Tom`s Trio
 Too Much Tango (from "For Snare Drummers Only")
 Tootsie Bop
 Topic Of Conversation
 Torrential Variations
 Toy Parade
 Toy Soldiers
 Traffic Jam
 Transylvanian Danse
 Trap Door
 Traumatic Chromatic
 Tree House
 Tres Miniaturas Brasileiras
 Tres Miniatures Brasileiras
 Tres Minutos con la Realidad
 Tres Movimientos para Percussion y Piano
 Triangle Trio #1
 Triangle Trio #2
 Triangle Trio #3
 Tribal Beat Sound System
 Tricks of the Trade
 Trinity 1
 Trio (from First Collection of Graded Ensemble Mus
 Trio for 2 Snares, and Bass
 Trio for Ogun
 Trio for Percussion
 Trio for Percussion
 Trio for Percussion
 Trio for Snare, Tomtom, and Bass Drum, Intermediat
 Trio per Uno
 Trio Pour Percussion
 Trios Pieces Breves
 Triple Play
 Triple Threat
 Triplet Diddle
 Triplet Trickery
 Triplets by Four
 Triptych Boom
 Tropical Departure
 Trout Scherzo
 Tune for 5 Suspended Cymbals
 Turning Point
 Twelve Squared
 Twelve Virtues
 Twenty Modern Duets
 Twilight Offering Music
 Twinkle Time
 Twist, The *
 Twisted Proverbs
 Two Antiphonal Portraits
 Two Antiphonal Portraits
 Two Children`s Dances for Percussion Trio
 Two Designs
 Two for Four
 Two for Six
 Two Frescoes
 Two Gentlemen of Virginia
 Two Miniatures
 Two Movements for Mallets
 Two Movements for Mallets II
 Two Pictures for Percussion
 Two Rituals for Percussion
 Two Structures
 Two Structures
 Two-Part Invention #1
 Two-Part Invention #10
 Two-Part Invention #11
 Two-Part Invention #12
 Two-Part Invention #13
 Two-Part Invention #14
 Two-Part Invention #15
 Two-Part Invention #2
 Two-Part Invention #3
 Two-Part Invention #4
 Two-Part Invention #5
 Two-Part Invention #6
 Two-Part Invention #7
 Two-Part Invention #8
 Two-Part Invention #9
 Ubangi Djembe
 Udacrep Akubrad
 Udu na Oku Igba
 Ukrainian Bell Carol (Carol of the Bells)
 Ukranian Carol
 Undercurrents for 5 Percussion
 Uneven Souls
 Union Pacific Liner
 Unleash the Fury
 Unsettled Surface
 Unsquare Dance
 Until Morning Sings
 Up on the Housetop
 Upbeat Suite
 Valley Forge
 Valley of Nepal
 Variations on a Familiar Theme
 Variations on a Four Note Theme
 Variations on a Ghanaian Theme
 Variations on a Rhythmic Theme
 Ventures in Change
 Vertical River
 Vespertine Formations
 Vespertine Formations
 Victory Forever
 Vier Tanzer fur 3 Schlagzeuger
 Villa Hidalgo
 Virtual Ghost
 Virtual Unreality
 Visional Train
 Viva Percussion
 Volume Pig
 Vortex (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Vous avez du feu ?
 Voyage, The
 Wait, The
 Waiting For Summer
 Wake up MOMO!!
 Walk in the Garden of Earthly Delights, A
 Walk in the Park
 Walkin` On The Sun *
 Waltz for Anna
 Waltz for Marty
 Waltz for Swingers
 Waltz in C-Sharp Minor
 Waltz Rondo
 Waltz Rondo
 Waltzing Rhythms
 War Suite
 Warm Holiday Feeling, A
 Watermelon in Easter Hay
 Way Cool
 Way Out West
 We Four Two Four (Ludwig Music Collection of Drum
 We Three
 We Wish You A Merry Christmas
 Welcome to Whipperginny
 Were the Whole Realm...
 West African Drum Ensembles
 What Clarity?
 Whatcha Baion?
 What`s Opera Doc *
 When Dreams Come True
 When Music is Missing
 When sun shines over Los Andes
 When You Smile
 WHERE NOW RUSTS THE IRON? for voice, flute, cello & six percussion
 Whole-Tone Fantasy
 Whole-Tone Piece
 Why Not
 Will William Tell?
 William Tell Overture
 William Tell Overture
 William Tell`s Canned Overture
 William Told Raymond about Zampa
 Wind from Celestial Elements
 Winged Chariot
 Winged Victory
 Winter from the Four Seasons
 Winter Solstice in Hiroshima
 Wirbelwind: fur vier Schlagzeuger
 Without a Chance
 Wolf Pack
 Wood `N Steel
 Wood, Metal, Skin
 Woodwork for Four Percussionists
 World Beat Sonata
 world dance
 Woven Tales
 xb-132 Quartet for Percussion
 Yagibushi (from Percussion Section Techniques)
 Yaqui Indian Suite
 Year of the Tiger, Op. 35
 Yes Open The Door
 Yoni`s Six Pack
 Yoshin, Op. 47
 Young Lions
 Young Person`s Guide to the Orchestra
 Yo`re Makin` Me Dizzy
 ZEPHYR for Marimba and Vibraphone
Snare Drum
 "scraps of echos" Scraps of Echoes
 10/31/09 Prelude
 11 Graduated Studies for Snare Drum
 11 Graduated Studies For Snare Drum
 15 Diversions for the Snare Drum
 1965 South Walnut
 2 for 1
 2/4 No. 1
 2012 DA 14
 2040 Sortie
 3 Movements For 2 Drums
 3/13/07 Prelude
 5/8 and 7/8 Etude
 5/8 Romp
 524 Main Street
 6/8 Etude
 6/8 Romp
 6/8 Variation of 2/4 No. 2
 7 Days & 7 Nights
 7 Flam Tap-a-cue
 7/8 Romp
 A collection of snare drum solos
 A Horse of a Different Color
 A Minute of News (Vol:4 The Noble Snare Book)
 A piece for snare drum
 A Real Drag
 A Round of 6/8 Drum Solos
 A Tip O` The Hat
 A Walk Through Battery Park
 Advanced Etudes for Snare Drum
 Africa Hot
 After Tornado
 Ahhhh! - Rudimental Snare Solo
 Aisle Seat
 Alfred`s Beginning Snare Drum Duets
 Amazonia Dreaming
 Amazonia Dreaming
 American Suite: For Unacompanied Snare Drum
 An Arabian Rhythm
 At Odds: Suite for Solo Snare Drum
 Attention Span
 Basic 10
 Basic 10
 Battle Hymn of the Republic
 Beat This!
 Bobbin` Back
 Boogie Down
 Briefly Flam-boyant
 Brook Opus III
 Brush Off
 Caballeros - 1960
 Cerebral Caspers
 Chop Buster
 Chopel Perilous
 Clasically Snared
 Classically Snared
 Clean It Up - - -Please
 Clean Sweep
 Coena Rudimentalis
 Collection of Solos for Percussion Player
 Colonial Episode
 Composed Improvisation for Snare Drum
 Compound Fracture!/Hoe Down
 Concert Snare Drum Solos
 Concert Suite for Snare Drum
 Concerto for Orchestra, Nocturnes, Lieutenant Kije
 Contemporary Album for Snare Drum
 Contemporary Rudimental Studies and Solos
 Contest Snare Drum Solo No. 1
 Cotton Carnival Quickstep
 Counterpane II
 Crash Landing
 Crazy Sixes
 Cut and Shoot
 Damage Limitation
 Das Basler Trommeln
 Der Provokateur
 Deux pieces pour tambour
 Diddle Dimensions
 Diddleing the Drags Into Rolls
 Dies Irae No. 9
 Different Strokes
 Different Strokes
 Dipsy Diddle
 Doozy 6/8
 Double Cappuccino
 Double Flag
 Double Play
 Double Trouble
 Douze Etudes (12 Etudes)
 Dr. Throwdown`s Rudimental Remedies
 Drum Corps on Parade
 Drum Files
 Drum Masters Medley
 Drum Solos
 Drummer`s Salute From the movie JFK
 Drumologists, The
 Duet No. 1
 Duplet - Triplet Jam
 Earth from Celestial Elements
 Echoing Sticks
 Eclaires (Sonata for solo SD)
 Eight Solos For Snare Drum
 Essay Snare Drum
 Etude #1
 Etude for Snare Drum
 Etude in 32nd`s for Solo Snare Drum
 Etude in Waltz Time
 Etude No. 1, No. 6
 Etude, #1
 Etude, #10
 Etude, #9
 Etudes for Drums
 Etudes Op. 48
 Evocation No. 1
 Evocation No. 2
 Excerpt Etude for Snare Drum
 Exercise 26 (Snare Drum Peace March)
 Exercise 26 (Snare Drum Peace March)
 Exercise 27 (2nd Snare Drum Peace March)
 Exercise 27 (2nd Snare Drum Peace March)
 Eyes Right
 Feelings and Qualities on Skin
 Festival Drummer
 Fire In The Hole
 First Flight
 First March
 Flam Accident No. 1
 Flam City
 Flamacue Quickstep
 Flamenco Dances
 Flams, Buzzes and Other Old Stuff
 Flying Fives
 For Fun and Amusement Only
 Four Solos for Snare Drum
 Four Solos for Snare Drum
 Fragments II
 From the Manor to the Heights
 Full Circle
 Full Circle
 Fun J
 Funk City
 Garfield - 1963
 Gladstone Cadets
 Graduation Etude
 Guidepost 6/8
 Half Way There
 Have Drum - Will Roll
 Here`s The Drum, The Big 230
 Here`s to the Ratamacue
 Here`s to the Ratamacue
 Hi Ho Simpson
 Hi Jay
 His Lordship
 His Lordship, Billy, the Streaker
 Hot Sticks
 Hunting Hill
 Individual Contest Solo
 Inroduction and Dances
 Inside-Out with a Secret P.S.
 Inside-Out With A Secret P.S.
 Intermediate Snare Drum Contest Solos
 Intermediate Snare Drum Studies
 Isle of the Drum
 It`s A Keeper!
 James Blade`s Children`s Collection for Untuned Percussion
 Jennifer`s Jog
 Jolting John
 Jumbo`s Holiday
 Jumpin` Five (Ludwig Music Collection of SD Solos
 Just Seven for Drum
 Just Seven For The Drum
 Keiskleirana 1 / 13 Etudes Pour Caisse-claire
 Keiskleirana 2 / 12 Etudes Pour Caisse-claire
 Kile`s Nightmare
 King of The Nile
 Konzertstuck for snare drum and orchestra
 Kvart i Fyra
 Lazer Beam
 Le Tambour D`Ordonnance
 Left Light March
 Let It Rip
 Licorice & Molasses
 Like a Big Dog
 Liquid Snare (Volume I)
 Lonely City Suite
 Mach V
 Macky D`s
 Malformed Malfunction
 March - Cadenza
 March For Two Drums
 March Peace
 March Peace
 Markeer ter plaata
 MEAT - Metal Shoes to Tulips
 Meditation No. 1
 Metric Flams
 Microwave Popcorn
 Midnight Barking (Snare Version)
 MIsson Drums
 Modern Classic Solos for Snare Drum
 Modern Rudimental Swing Solos for the Advanced Dru
 Modulation (by Jeff Queen)
 Moore`s Six Solos for Snare Drum
 Mueller`s Mazurka
 Music For Percussion: CD-ROM
 Music For Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator and One
 Music for Snare Drum, Pure Wave Oscillator and One
 Musical Selections for Fife and Drum
 My Friend Norman
 Nature Alley
 Newgulf Drummer
 Niitaka Dawn (Yama Mama Moto)
 Nine French-American Rudimental Solos
 No Left Flam 6/8
 No Right Turn
 No Roll Etude
 No Speed Limit
 Noble Endeavor
 Noble Endeavor
 NYSD: Orchestral Suite for Solo Snare Drum
 Odd Meter Rudimental Etudes for the Snare Drum
 Odd Meter Rudimental Etudes for the Snare Drum
 Odyssey II / First / In Pulse / Prattfalls / Metho
 Off the Beat
 One Up
 Out Back of the Drum Shop
 Parade of the Clicking Sticks
 Paradiddle Groovin`
 Paradiddle Riddle
 Partita (Snare Drum Solo)
 Pass In Review
 Pecking Order
 Peeping Tom
 Peeping Tom
 Percusiion Master Solos
 Percussion Club - Duets and Trios Book 1
 Percussion Club - Duets and Trios Book 2
 Percussion Club - Quartets and Quintets Book 2
 Percussion Club - Quartets and Sextets
 Percussion Solo from Peterloo
 Percussion Studio
 Pezzo da Concerto No. 1
 Phantom Phrenzy
 Phantom Reigment Audition 1987-88
 Phenom: The Excellence of Execution
 Picking Up Six
 Piece for Snare Drum
 Pieces of Eight
 Pop Corn
 Portraits in Rhythm: 50 Studies for Snare Drum
 Portraits of a Waltz
 Power PLus Drum Solos
 Prepolar Matin Parempi Marissi
 Prometheus Rapture: Seven Legends for Snare Drum and Orchestra
 Ramble Rumble
 Ramma Jamma
 Read Your Assoff
 Rebel Without A Pause
 Recital Piece for Snare Drum
 Recital Piece for Solo Snare Drum
 Red Snapper
 Red Snapper
 Rhythm Rampage
 Rhythmic Incantation No.1
 Rhythmic Rhapsody
 Ride That Wave
 Rim Shot March
 Rolling Down The Road
 Rolling Rhythm
 Rubank Intermediate Method for Snare Drum
 Rudimental Clave
 Rudimental Heights
 Rudimental Heritage
 Rudimental Rhapsody
 Rudimental Rossini
 Rudimental Rumble
 Rudiments in Rhythm
 Rudiments Rule
 Ruffing Up A Storm
 Rumbling Along
 Savage Rudimental Workshop
 Schweizer Trommel Kompositionen
 Scotch and Swiss Cheese
 Scotch for solo Snare Drum, Bass Drum and Cymbal
 Scout`s Honor
 Scrape Rim Skin
 Scrape Rim Skin
 scraps of echos...
 Second Suite for Solo Snare Drum
 Seven Eight Stomp
 Sight Reading and Audition Etudes for Snare Drum
 Simple Minuet
 Six Quatre Deux
 Six Unaccompanied Solos for Snare Drum
 Sleight of And Evil Hand
 Snap Crackle Pop
 Snare con Queso
 Snare Drum Cycles
 Snare Drum Cycles
 Snare Drum Music
 Snare Drum Solo
 Snare Drum Solo .
 Snare Drum Solo No. 1
 Snare Drum Solo No. 1
 Snare Drum Solo No. 1
 Snare Drum Solo No. 1
 Snare drum Solo No.1
 Snare Drum Suite
 Solo 93
 Solo For Snare Drum
 Solo No.1
 Solo of the Artists
 Solo Uno
 Sonata for Snare Drum
 Sonata for Snare Drum and Piano
 Sonatina for Snare Drum
 Speed Trap
 Standup Shadow
 Stick Shift
 Stick to It
 Stick To It!!
 Stix O` Plenty
 Stomping Through the Barline
 Strands of Time
 Street Beat
 Stuart`s System for Success
 Style Suite for Snare Drum
 Suite No.1, for Snare Drum Duo
 Symphonic Dances for Solo Snare Drum
 Syncho De Mayo
 Syncopated March
 Syncopating the Single Drag
 Tax Time
 Technica 9
 Tempest of the Northwest Wind
 Ten Characteristic Solos
 Ten Etudes for Snare Drum
 Test - Claire
 Texas Tenors
 The 26
 The All-American Drummer: 150 Rudimental Solos
 The Apprentice
 The Baby Octopus
 The Broad Run Jump
 The Callenger
 The Celtic American
 The Charger
 The Colonel - James Wood
 The Cubed Root of Symmetry Squared
 The Dog Pound
 The Downfall of Paris
 The Downfall of the Rudimentalists
 The Drummers Delight
 The Drummers Rudimental Reference Book
 The Drummers` and Fifers` Guide
 The Guardsman
 The Latin Drum Sergeant
 The Matrix
 The Muscle Entity
 The Noble Snare
 The Noble Snare
 The Peach Grove Drummer
 The Phancy Phantom
 The Phantom
 The Pine Cone Forest
 The Scorpion
 The Single Stroke Roll Meditation
 The Single Stroke Roll Meditation
 The Snare Drummer`s Toolbox
 The Snares of Time (Op. 5)
 The Solo Snare Drum
 The Streaker
 The Synergy Method for Drumming
 The Synergy Method for Drumming, Vol. 2
 The Tasteful Snare
 The Technique and Mechanical of Competitive Rudime
 The Three Camps / Connecticut Halftime
 The Three Headed Drummer
 The Victor
 The Whimsical Nature of Small Particle Physics
 The Winner
 The Yearling
 Theme and Variations
 Third Rail
 Thnering Through
 Three Dances
 Three Etudes for Snare Drum
 Three Means to an End
 Three pieces for Snare Drum
 Three Sketches for Percussion
 Three Solos for Snare Drum
 Three Styles Suite
 Throwin` Down
 Thundering Through
 TIme`s Apart
 Transparent Wave
 Transparent Wave IV
 Trepidant et Ludlque
 Tricks of the Trade
 Triptych Boom
 Trommelmarsche Band 1
 Trommelmarsche Band 2
 Trommelmarsche Band 3
 Tunes Without Pitches (Op. 8)
 Tux 2/4
 Twelve Progressive Snare Drum Solos
 Twenty Four Swing Street
 Two Basic Etudes and a Palindrome
 Two Brothers
 Two Dances for Snare Drum
 Two Episodes For Solo Snare Drum
 Two Short Pieces For Snare Drum
 Two Side Drum Solos
 Two Snaredrum Duets
 Ultimate Triplet
 Up Front
 Variations Sans Theme
 Vertical Taps for Morty
 Vertical Taps for Morty
 War Drum Peace Drum
 Warp 7
 Watching The Time Go By
 What the Snare Drum Tells Me
 What The Snare Drum Tells Me
 Who Knows?
 William Tells All
 Winds of Change
 Wolfgangs` Flam-Bang
 Working the Flam Inside and Out
 Yankee Doodle Fantasy
 Yankee Doodle Paradiddle
 `Sget some Scoops
 2 3 4 Drum Etude
 20 Graduated Studies for Timpani
 20 Graduated Studies For Timpani
 3 Dances for Solo Timpani
 3 Drum Etude No. 6
 3 Scenes for 4 Timpani
 37 Etudes
 4 Drum Etude No. 6
 4 Verses for Timpani
 A little Night Music
 Afrodditty 2
 Air and Dance
 Alcobaca Suite
 Allegro Marcato
 Artificial Climates for Timpani and Electronics
 Augur Ill, Op. 15
 Balance of Power
 Ballad for the Dance
 Beethoven Symphonies 1-9
 Blue Hammers
 Cake Walk for Kettles
 Call to Arms
 Capriccio for Solo Timpani
 Capture of the U-505
 Changing Moods
 Command Performances for Percussion
 Concert Piece for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble
 Concert Pieces for Timpani
 Concertante per i bambini del mondo
 Concertino for Timpani
 Concertino for Timpani and Tape
 Concerto for 5 Kettledrums and Orchestra
 Concerto for 5 Timpani and Orchestra
 Concerto for Five Kettledrums
 Concerto for Kettledrums and Strings
 Concerto for Solo Timpani, Wind and Perc.
 Concerto for Timpani
 Concerto for Timpani and Brass Instruments
 Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
 Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
 Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
 Concerto for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto for Timpani and Percussion Ensemble (JB)
 Dance Primitive
 Declaration, Song, and Dance
 Delivering, A
 Dogs Off
 Duet No. 2
 Dunbar`s Delight
 Eight Pieces for Four Timpani
 El Gran Temblor
 Elemental Dances
 Engoma Enteera
 Etude #1 from Studies in Copper
 Etude #2 from Studies in Copper
 Etude in Rock
 Etuden fur Timpani, Vol. I, II, III
 Etuden fur Timpani, Vol. I, II, III
 Etudes for 2, 3, and 4 Timpani
 Exercises and Pieces for Timpani
 Exercises, Etudes, and Solos for the Timpani
 Fairbank Funks
 Fanfare and Dance
 Fanfare and Scherzo
 Fanfare Variations
 Fantasy for Timpani and Piano
 Fear Cage
 Final Rap
 Flaming Forge
 Fog on the Barrow Downs
 For Timps and Tape
 Four Drums
 Four Grooves for Prepared Timpani
 Four Grotesques for Timpani
 Four Movements for Timpani
 Four Pieces for Timpani
 Four Pieces for Unaccompanied Kettledrums
 Four Pieces for Unaccompanied Kettledrums
 Funky Five
 Groovin` Timps
 Hand Held Shots
 Interactions for Timpani and Sound
 Introduction and Allegro
 James Blade`s Children`s Collection for Untuned Percussion
 Jongo For Timpani
 Jubilee Concerto for Solo Timpani and Percussion E
 Just a Matter of Time
 Just A Second
 Konzert fur Pauken und Orchester
 Konzert fur Pauken und Orchester
 Laticer Ordatsem
 Los Cinco de Clubs
 March and Polonaise
 March and Scherzo
 March from Eight Pieces for Four Timpani
 Match and Polonaise
 Melodic Movements for Timpani
 Music For Percussion: CD-ROM
 Musica per timpani solo
 Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist
 Mute It
 M`s P
 No Change
 No. 11 funk
 Obstinatus for Timpani Solo
 Occasional Demons
 Oppressive Damage
 Overture for Timpani
 Partita for Solo Timpani
 Pauken Suite
 Perpetuum Motivo
 Petite Sonata
 Petites Pieces / Petities Pieces for Percussion an
 Pitched Drums (Op. 2)
 Planet Damnation
 Portraits for Timpani
 Prelude for Solo Timpani
 Prelude I
 Primal Mood
 Raga No.1
 Raga No.2
 Raise the Roof
 Recital pieces for timpani IV
 Recitative & Scherzo
 Red Cloud
 Rhythmic Chants
 Sans Titre IV
 Scenes from an Ancient Battle
 Scherzo for Four Timpani and Piano
 Scherzo for Three Timpani
 Scherzo for Timpani
 Seven Solo Dances
 Seven to Queens
 Short Story
 Sitting Bull
 Six Concert Pieces for Solo Timpani
 Six Graded Timpani Solos
 Solo #1 for Timpani
 Solo Dialogue
 Solo Impressions for 4 Timpani
 Solo Impressions for Four Timpani
 Solo Impressions for Three Timpani
 Solo Impressions for Two Timpani
 Solo Piece
 Solos for the Virtuoso Timpanist
 Solos for the Virtuoso Timpanist
 Son Montuno Del Diablo
 Sonanta per Timpani Solo
 Sonata for 3 Unaccompanied Kettle Drums
 Sonata for 3 Unaccompanied Kettledrums
 Sonata for 4 Timpani
 Sonata for Four Timpani
 Sonata for Solo Timpani
 Sonata for Timpani
 Sonata for Timpani
 Sonata for Timpani
 Sonata No.1 for Timpani and Piano
 Sonata No.2
 Sonatina for 2 or 3 Timpani and Piano
 Sonatina for Timpani
 Sonorities VIII
 Sotto Voce
 Spring Chant
 Standup Shadow
 Steal the Thunder
 Step-To-Step Series II - Five Pieces for Timpani
 Sticking Patterns
 Storm King Mountain
 Studie I
 Studie I
 Studie II: Epthyic
 Stylistic solos for Timpani
 Suite For TImpani
 Suite #2 for Timpani
 Suite for Solo Timpani and Orchestra
 Suite for Solo Timpanist
 Suite for Solo Timpanist
 Suite for Timpani
 Suite for Timpani
 Suite for Timpani
 Suite for Timpani
 Suite for Timpani
 Ten Studies for Timpani
 The Attack of the Freezing Fog
 The Brahms and Tchaikowsky Symphonies
 The Chameleon
 The Developing Solo Timpanist
 The Final Precipice
 The Legato Stroke
 The Musical Timpanist
 The Singing Drums
 The Solo Timpanist
 The Staccato Stroke
 The Storm
 The Tragedy of a Young Soldier
 The Well-Tempered Timpanist
 Theme and Variation
 Theme and Variations (My Sharona)
 Theme and Variations for Four Timpani
 Theme and Variations for Four Timpani
 Thirty-Two Solos for Timpani
 Three Designs for Three Timpani
 Three Drums
 Three Episodes for Timpani
 Three Etudes for Five Timpani
 Three Etudes for Five Timpani
 Three Movements for Timpani
 Three Pieces for Five Timpani
 Three Pieces for Timpani and Piano
 Three Settings for Timpani
 Timp Time
 Timpani Fantasy
 Timpani Forces
 Timpani Solo #2
 Timpani Solo #3
 Timpani Solo #4
 Timpani Solo for Solo Timpani
 Timpani Solo II
 Timpani Solo No. 1
 Timpani Solo No. 2
 Timpani Solos (nos. 1-12)
 Timpani Temptations
 Timpani Tuning Etudes
 Timpani, The Solo Collection
 Timpaniana pour Timbales et Piano
 Timpanic MemBRAIN
 Toccata for Timpani
 Toccata for Timpani
 Top O The Mornin
 Triangulation, for timpani and tape
 Tribal Serenade for 4 Timpani
 Triptych Motif
 Tune Up
 Twenty One Etudes for Timpani
 Two Challenges
 Two Challenges For Timpani
 Two Etudes
 Two Meditations
 Two Pieces for Unaccompanied Timpano
 Tymp Tunes
 Tympanorum Musices
 Variations for King George
 Variations for Solo Kettledrums
 Variations on the Westminster Clock Theme
 Vingt Etudes pour Timbales
 Vingt Etudes pour Timbales
 Wolf in the Wilderness
 Yetinova 3
Tuned Percussion
 ...and bells remembered...
 1. Allegro Moderato
 1. Toccata
 10. C Major
 10. Toccatta
 11. Cotra-Dance
 11. Nocturne
 12. Ariette
 12. Poco Scherzando
 120 degrees
 13 Morceaux (Sibelius)
 15 Mallet Duets for Haydn`s Clock Pieces
 1908 Rag
 2 Essays for Vibraphone
 2. Da Capo Aria
 2. Prelude, Senza Mesura
 20 Studies for Xylophone
 24 Caprices, I. Andante (Paganini)
 24 Caprices, II. Moderato (Paganini)
 24 Caprices, V. Agitato (Paganini)
 3 / 5
 3 Seasons
 3. Moto Perpetuo
 3. Polonaise
 336: Sources of Light
 4 Mallet Etudes for Marimba
 4 Mallet Studies for Marimba Volume VI
 4 pieces for Solo Vibraphone
 4. C# Minor
 4. La Chasse
 5 Cirandas Brasileiras
 5 Etudes for Marimba
 5 Hymns
 5 Miniatures For Solo Steel Pan
 5 pieces for solo marimba by Pius Cheung
 5 Pieces Pour Marimba Solo, Vol . 4
 5. March
 5. Moto Perpetuo
 6 St
 6 Unaccompanied Solos for Vibe
 6. Alla Marcia
 6. Barbarian Dance
 60 Advanced Four-Mallet Studies for Marimba
 7 Operations For Marimba
 7 reasons for a meeting
 7. Hymn Tune
 7. Prelude
 78 Solos for Marimba
 8 Carols for Christmas for Vibraphone and Piano
 8. Prelude
 8. Vivo
 8th Century Theme ( From Sonata in C Major )
 9 miniatures Acoriennes
 9. Barcarolle
 9. C Minor
 A Basket of Roses
 A Black Bawl
 A Bunch of Roses
 A Child This Day Is Born * Good King Wenceslas * I
 A Christmas Carol
 A Christmas Motet
 A Christmas Vibe
 A Collection of Marimba Solos
 A cricket sang and set the sun
 A Dancer At Heart
 A Day in the City "7 Vignettes" for solo marimba or xylophone
 A Farewell to Those Left Behind
 A Fit Reliquary
 A Golden Handshake,
 A January Snowfall
 A Little Jazz for Marimba
 A Lit` Lovin` Couldn`t Hurt
 A Love Most True
 A Memory
 A Message to a Friend
 A Rapid Rivulet
 A Serenade
 A Singing Song
 A Swell Affair
 A Tide of Voices
 A Winter Postlude
 A Winter Prelude
 a.k.a. Bunny`s Bop
 Abodah for Violin and Piano
 Absconding Thoughts
 Absolute Draws Near Lydia
 Absolute Journey Music
 Adagio from Symphony No. 3
 Adding Stacks
 Adoramus Te
 Adoramus Te, Christe
 Adventures of Ivan
 Aeolian Fantasy
 Affirmation: Concerto for solo percussion and orchestra
 African Fantasy on Joy to the World
 African River
 African Sun Walk
 Afro Jazz
 After School Rag
 After Syrinx II
 After the Storm
 Afternoon in March
 Agia Triada
 Agnus Dei
 Ah que Indio
 Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life
 Ahania, Op. 9a
 Air from Water Music
 Ajax Men of Science
 Akadinda Trio
 Al cruzar el puente
 Al Fresco
 Ala Zurke, Rag Doll Rag, Temptation Revamp, Waltz
 Alabama Moon
 Alborada del Gracioso
 Alborada del Gracioso
 Album for the Young
 Album for the Young, Op 68
 Album for the Young, Op. 39
 Album for the Young, Op. 68
 Alexander`s Waltz
 Alive Sophia, Dead Sophia, Zombie Sophia
 All Alone by the Vibraphone
 All I Want to Do
 All the Things You Are
 All Times Identical
 Allegro & Minuet
 Allegro (from Sonatina No. 1)
 Allegro From Sonata III
 Allegro From the Water Music
 Allegro in F
 Almost Calypso
 Also Sprach Zarathustra
 Always, Never, Again
 Amazing Grace
 Amazing Grace
 Amazing Grace
 Amazing Grace
 Amazing Grace
 Amazing Grace, for Solo Vibraphone
 America the Beautiful
 American Pep
 American Phoenix for bass trombone (or tuba) and 4 percussion
 An American in Paris
 An American in Paris
 An Awkward Moment
 An Extraordinary Correspondence
 An Indian Story
 An Indian Story
 Ancient Vase
 And So the Wind Blew...
 Andante and Allegro
 Andante for Marimba
 Angels We Have Heard on High
 Angel`s Serenade
 Anitra`s Dance
 Anitra`s Dance
 Anitra`s Dance for marimba quartet
 Anitra`s Dance from Peer Gynt Suite
 Anne Melody / 7 Pieces for Marimba
 Anthology of Lute and Guitar Music for Marimba
 Antithesis for Marimba Quintet
 Antonín Dvořák Largo from II. of Symphony No. 9 in e minor, "From the New World", Op. 98, B 178
 Aphorisms A for Sylvia Smith
 Appalachian Fiddle Tune Medley
 Apple Blossom
 April Sun
 Apsara #1
 Apsara #2
 Arabesque #1
 Arabian Dance
 Arabian Minute Dance
 Arcadia II
 Argoru VII
 As Before
 As One
 Astral Dance
 Astral Projections
 Asturias (Leyenda)
 Asturias from Suite Espanola
 Asturias Leyenda
 At first Blush
 Atmospheres for trumpet and one percussion
 Atrium Dance
 Aura Lee
 Aurora Borealis
 Autumn Garden
 Autumn Leaves
 Autumnal Equinox
 Avalokita 3
 Ave Maria
 Ave Maria
 Ave Maria
 Ave Maria
 Ave Maria
 Ave Maris Maxwell (6th movt)
 Away In A Manger
 Away in a Manger * God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen *
 Away in a Manger, One Silent Night
 Awkward Moment, An
 Bach for the Marimba
 Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Duets
 Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5
 Bachianas Brasilieras No. 1
 Back Talk
 Back Talk
 Back Talk
 Back to the Time
 Bad Vibes
 Bag`s Groove
 Balalaika (Russian Folk Song Suite)
 Ball and Rock
 Ballad for Vibraphone and Piano
 Ballade (Night Song)
 Ballade (Night Song)
 Ballade for Eriko Daimo
 Ballade für Andre
 Ballade of the Hunter`s Moon
 Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
 Bank Holiday
 Bar Code
 Bar Hopping
 Bar Percussion Notebook Vol. I, II
 Bar-B-Que Blues
 Barbaric Passages
 Baroque in Swing
 Baroque Sonata No.4
 Baroque Suite
 Basically Broke Blues, Etude No. 14
 Battle of Rising Spirits
 Battle of the Rising Spirits
 Be Rockin` By 7
 Be Still, Op. 43
 Beads of Glass
 Beaten Paths
 Beethoven Op.18 #1 (move. 1)
 Before the Beginning
 Behind the Invisible Mask for bassoon and one percussion
 Being Little
 Being Reich
 Bell Music
 Beloved Jesus, What Law Hast Thou Broken?
 Bem Vindo
 Berceuse For Tinker-Bell
 Big Bang, The for 6 percussion & piano
 Big Country
 Bing, Bang, Bong!
 Bist du Bei Mir
 Bit O`Rhythm
 Black and White Rag
 Black is the color of my true love`s hair
 Black Orpheus
 Black Sphinx
 Black Sphynx
 Blaze Orange Leaves and Apple
 Blinke lille stjerne
 Blockhead Polka
 Blue Camp
 Blue Lagoon
 Blue Memories
 Blue Motion
 Blue Tango
 Blue Tid Bit
 Blue Tid Bit
 Blue Water
 Blue Wood
 Blue Zoo
 Bluegrass Girl (Hey, Lester!)
 Blues for Gilbert
 Bluin` the Black Keys
 Bohemian Girl
 Boku for Marimba by One Player
 Bolero Impromptu
 Bolero, Spanish Dance NO. 5
 Book of Grooves
 Boom Time for trombone and one percussion
 Bopt` Mystic
 Border Crossing
 Boundary Waters
 Bouree in A Minor
 Bouree in E minor
 Bourree fantasque
 Bourree from Partita No. 1 (for Solo Violin)
 Bourree from Suite for Lute
 Boy oh Boy
 Bradenburg Concerto No.5, 2nd Mvt.
 Brandenburg No. 2: Allegro Moderato
 Brazilian Fantasy
 Brazilian Music for the Beginner
 Breakfast Breakdown
 Bridging the World
 Brilliant Shadows
 Brin de Muguet
 Buried Fire
 Busy Body
 Busy Signal
 Butchemish Ragtime
 Butterfly Dance
 Butterfly for Solo Marimba
 By The Numbers
 Bye Bye Medley
 Caccia Caper
 Cadencia para Berimbau
 Canadian Capers
 Cannon Fodder
 Canon (Percussion Ensemble)
 Canon in D
 Canon in D
 Canyon Echoes
 Canzona VI
 Capriccio for Viola
 Capriccio Marimbata
 Capriccio, for solo marimba
 Caprice in C#
 Caprice in Db
 Caprice in Gb
 Caprice Valsant
 Caprice Viennois
 Caribe Vibe
 Carmen Suite
 Carnival of Venice Fantasy
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells
 Carol of the Bells (Ukrainian Bell Carol)
 Carol of the Bells - A Duet for Chimes
 Carol of the Bells for vibraphone and marimba
 Carol of the Drum
 Carvings on the Bonsai Tree
 Casper`s Dance
 Cat Clock
 Cat Clock III
 Cavalleria Rusticana, Intermezzo
 Ceci N`est Pas Un Jouet
 Celebration March
 Celebration Suite
 Celestial Welcome
 Cello Sonatas
 Cello Suite No. 1
 Cello Suite No. 2
 Cello Suite No. 3
 Cello Suite No. 3
 Cello Suite No. 4
 Cello Suite No. 5
 Cello Suite No. 6
 Cha Cha Blues
 Chaconne Plus
 Chains IV
 Chamber piece for Solo Vibraphone
 Chamber Symphony No. 1 for Marimba and Winds
 Chameleon Music
 Change My Medication
 Chant for Marimba
 Chapel by the Sea
 Character No. 1
 Character No. 2
 Character no.3
 Character no.5
 Chariots Ballad for Solo Marimba and Seven Percuss
 Charles Koedlin
 Charleston Capers
 Chase, The
 Chasin` Gary
 Chicken Itza
 Chicken Reel
 Chicken Reel
 Chicken Reel
 Chihuahua Polka
 Children Song, Etude in Blues, Etude in Bossa, Min
 Children`s Songs
 Chinese Doll
 Chinese Jade
 Chiu, Chiu
 Chokin` The Bell
 Chokin` The Bell
 Chorale 371: Christ Lag in Tobesbanden
 Chorale and Gavotte
 Chorale and Variations
 Chorale Fantasy
 Choro 3
 Choro 9
 Choro Bachiano
 Choro I
 Christian`s Lullaby and Nicholas`s Lullaby
 Christmas Medley
 Christmas Medley
 Christmas Motet
 Christmas Variations
 Chromatic Fantasy
 Chromatic Fox Trot
 Chromatic Fox-Trot
 Chromatic Fox-Trot
 Chromatic Jazz Piece
 Ciaccona in d minor
 Cinque studi per vibrafono
 Circadian Rhythms
 City Hymn
 City Lights
 City Museum
 Clair de Lune
 Clair de Lune (Marimba Duet)
 Clair de Lune for Marimba Duo
 Clair de Lune for Solo Vibraphone
 Classic Suite for Marimba
 Classic Suite for Marimba
 Classical Gas
 Classical Sonata
 Classical Timpani March
 Clave & Sons
 Clef Jump
 Cliffs of Dover
 Closet Carnival
 Clouds Make Songo Away
 Coexistence for clarinet and percussion quartet
 Cognative Dissonence
 Cold Light
 Coloring Sheet
 Colors of Earth and Sea
 Colour Sketch
 Combo Meal
 Comedians Gallop
 Coming Undone
 Compendium For Vibraphone: 110 Progressive, Multi-
 Composition for One Instrument and Ben
 Compound Autonomy
 Concert Duet for Flute and Vibraphone
 Concert Piece For Marimba & Orchestra
 Concert Piece for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concert piece for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concert Piece for Marimba and Wind Band
 Concertante for Marimba - Vibes and Orff Percussio
 Concertante for Solo marimba and 6 percussionists
 Concertina for Orchestra and Marimba
 Concertino for Four Percussion and Wind Ensemble
 Concertino for Marimba
 Concertino for Marimba
 Concertino for Marimba and 6 Percussionists
 Concertino for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
 Concertino for Marimba and Piano
 Concertino for Marimba and Two Percussionists
 Concertino for Marimba and Winds
 Concertino fur Vibraphon
 Concerto (vibra solo & piano reduc)
 Concerto Conglomerata of Old Jigs, Reels and Hornp
 Concerto Conglomerata of Old Jigs, Reels and Hornp
 Concerto for Marimba
 Concerto For Marimba & Band/Orchestra
 Concerto For Marimba & Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba (Konzert fur Marimba und Stre
 Concerto for Marimba and 4 Percussionists
 Concerto for Marimba and Choir (with percussion)
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra Op. 14
 Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and String Orchestra
 Concerto for Marimba and Strings
 Concerto for Marimba and Vibraphone
 Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble
 Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble
 Concerto for Marimba and Wind Ensemble
 Concerto for Marimba w/ Percussion Orch
 Concerto for Marimba, Percussion, and Synthesizers
 Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble
 Concerto for Percussion Solo
 Concerto for Piano and Percussion Ensemble
 Concerto For Vibraphone & Band
 Concerto for Vibraphone and Orchestra
 Concerto for Vibraphone and Strings Concerto pour
 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor - Mvt
 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor - Mvt
 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A Minor - Mvt
 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E Major - Mvt
 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E Major - Mvt
 Concerto Grosso Op. 3, No. 3
 Concerto in A minor
 Concerto in A Minor BWV 1041
 Concerto in D Minor
 Concerto in One Movement for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto No. 1 for Marimba
 Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and Orchestra
 Concerto No. 1 for Marimba and String Orchestra
 Concerto No. 1 in c minor
 Concerto No. 2 for Marimba (Piano Reduction)
 Concerto No. 2 for Marimba and Orchestra (NR)
 Concerto Piccolino
 Concerto Pour Marimba
 Concerto pour Marimba et Ensemble a Cordes
 Conceto in A Minor - Op. 3, No. 6 (Allegro - 1st M
 Concordance I-II
 Conflicting Goodbyes
 Constellations #6 - Pisces the Fish
 Contemporary Etudes for 3 and 4 Mallets
 Contemporary Mallet Duets
 Contemporary Marimba Solos
 Contemporary Marimba Solos
 Contemporary Solos
 Contemporary Solos for Vibes and Marimba
 Contrapunctus III
 Contrasts for Vibraphone
 Convergence I
 Conversation in the Forest for Two Marimbas
 Conversation in the Forest I
 Coonhound Johnny
 Cop Drama
 Corcoran`s Self Dedication
 Cores Norte/Sul
 Coronation March
 Cosmic Constellation
 County Clare
 Coventry Carol * Ding Dong! Merrily on High * The
 Crazy Maze
 Crepuscules (3rd Marimba Prelude)
 Cricket City
 Cristal Clair
 Critical Mass
 Cross Corners
 Cross Corners
 Cross On Wood (A)
 Crossed Wires
 Crossroads for trombone choir (4-part) and percussion ensemble (8-part)
 Crown Him with Many Crowns
 Crown Of Thorns
 Crux / Cross
 Crystal Butterfly
 Crystal Mallet
 Crystal Mallet
 Cupid`s Frolic
 Curious Caper
 Curled Dimensions
 Currents for 4 percussion
 Cycle #4
 Cystic Mystic
 Czardas, Op. 24, No. 4
 Daisy Bell
 DaMa-Dance 2
 Dance of Redemption
 Dance of the Hippolollipops
 Dance of the Octopus
 Dance of the Slovaks
 Dance of the Storms
 Dance on Wahbekaness
 Dances for Luna (VI)
 Dancing Columns
 Dancing Mallets
 Dancing Tambourine
 Danse Macabre
 Danse Macabre
 Danse Macabre
 Danza Furioso
 Dark Eyes
 Dark to Light, Op. 27
 David of the White Rock
 Day In, Day Out
 Days of Wine and Roses
 De La Madera for oboe and marimba
 Dear Old Stockholm
 Dearest Lord Jesus, Oh Why Dost Thou Tarry?
 Death and the Maiden
 Debussy`s Day at the Fair
 Deck the Halls
 Deductible Rooms
 Departure To...
 Desert Wind (2nd Marimba Prelude)
 Destined to Shed
 Dia y Suenos
 Diabolic Variations
 Dialogue for Marimba and Orchestra
 Different Voices
 Digression for Vibraphone and Marimba
 Dill Pickes
 Dill Pickles
 Diminishing Return
 Diptych No. 2
 Diritti: NO LIMIT
 Distant Light
 Distant Thunder for flute, one percussion and piano
 Diversions for Flute and Marimba
 Dizzy Fingers
 Dizzy Sticks
 Doctor Gradus ad Parnassum
 Dogs Off
 Don Quixote
 Don Quixote / Secret Italian Garden / The Proper E
 Dont Get Around Much Anymore
 Don`t forget to smile...
 Dotty Dimples
 Dotty Dimples
 Double East
 Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum
 Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum / Children`s Corner
 Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
 Dream Sequence for trombone (or euphonium) and percussion quartet
 Dream Variations for Trumpet & Percussion (1. The Dream, 2. Mirror, 3. Déjà Vu)
 Drei Skizzen
 Dry Bones
 Duet Colours
 Duet for Marimba & Vibraphone
 Duet for Marimba and Piano
 Duet for Marimba and Vibes
 Duet no. 5 (Fantasque)
 Duet No.4 (Saliferous Reminiscense)
 Duet Set: Assignment 12
 Duets (1974)
 Duets from Album for the Young by Robert Schumann
 Duggan Theme
 Dulcimer Dream
 Dulcimer Dream