Tuned Percussion

A fantastic selection of tuned percussion pieces here. A wide range of music for marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and much more... Experimental pieces for 2 and 4 mallet technique. Fantastic recital pieces can be found in this section. You can also check out the music first by exploring information, MP3 clips and videos.

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
8. Prelude Helble, Raymond Keyboard Percussion Publications, 2000
Marimba Solos
8. Vivo Helble, Raymond Keyboard Percussion Publications, 2000
Marimba Solos
8th Century Theme ( From Sonata in C Major ) Mozart, Wofgang Amadeus (1756-1791) / Jolliff, Art Rubank, Inc.
Unknown Xylophone / Marimba Solos
9 miniatures Acoriennes Leze, Jean-Fran Editions Francois Dhalmann
Marimba Solos
9. Barcarolle Helble, Raymond Keyboard Percussion Publications, 2000
Marimba Solos
9. C Minor Helble, Raymond Keyboard Percussion Publications, 2000
Marimba Solos
A Basket of Roses Albers, Fred / John Zamecnik SF
Xylophone solos
A Black Bawl Thompson, Harry C. Meredith Music Publications
Unknown Marimba Collections / Xylophone Solos
A Bunch of Roses Chapi / Cahn William Cahn
Xylophone solos / Maeimba Quintet
A Child This Day Is Born * Good King Wenceslas * I / Ryden, William Alfred Publishing
Mallet Duets
A Christmas Carol Ives, Charles/Blume, Brian Tapspace Publications
A Christmas Motet Palestrina / Holmgren, M. Ron Fink, UNT (source)
Unknown Mallet Quartets
A Collection of Marimba Solos Hulling, Cliff (1961-) Ludwig Music
Marimba Solos
A Dancer At Heart Molenhof, Bill Kendor Music, Inc.
Marimba Solos
A Day in the City "7 Vignettes" for solo marimba or xylophone Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
A Farewell to Those Left Behind Ferchen, Tim Edition Svitzer
A Fit Reliquary Lamb, Marvin OU Percussion Press
Percussion Ensembles with Brass Quintet
A Golden Handshake, Richard Muller Editions Francois Dhalmann
Unknown Vibraphone Solos
A January Snowfall Lipner, Arthur (1958-) Mallet Works Music
Vibraphone Solos
A Little Jazz for Marimba Skoog, Donald (1956-) KPP
Marimba Solos
A Lit` Lovin` Couldn`t Hurt Johnson, Scott UPbeat Music Publications
Unknown Mallet Quartets
A Love Most True Fitch, Steve C. Alan Publications
tuned percussion
A Memory Ganz, Rudolph (1877-1972) Honeyrock Publishing
Marimba Solos
A Message to a Friend Rosauro, Ney Gabriel (1952-) Pro Percussao
Mallet Duets
A Rapid Rivulet Schinstine, William (1922-1986) Per
Marimba Solos
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