Tuned Percussion

A fantastic selection of tuned percussion pieces here. A wide range of music for marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and much more... Experimental pieces for 2 and 4 mallet technique. Fantastic recital pieces can be found in this section. You can also check out the music first by exploring information, MP3 clips and videos.

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
A Serenade Schubert, Franz/Terrett, Keith HaMaR Percussion Pub., Inc.
Vibraphone Solos with Accompaniment
A Singing Song Burton, Gary Glenview, IL: Creative Music
Vibraphone Solos
A Swell Affair Potter, Bert Meredith Music Publications
Unknown Marimba Collections / Xylophone Solos
A Tide of Voices Cionek, Edmund (1950-) Alfred Publishing / STUDIO 4
Marimba Solos
A Winter Postlude Daughtrey, Nathan (1975-) C. Alan Publications
a.k.a. Bunny`s Bop Van Geem, Jack / Van Geem, Jack Alfred Publishing / Warner Brothers Publications I
Xylophone Solos / Marimba Methods / Marimba Solos
Abmiram Blair, Dean (1932-) Permus Publications
Marimba Solos
Abodah for Violin and Piano Bloch Carl Fischer
Marimba Transcriptions
Absconding Thoughts Carey, Jim (1961-)
Unknown Vibraphone Solos
Absolute Draws Near Lydia Giesecke, Mark Andreas (1964-) Honeyrock Publishing
Mallet Duets
Absolute Journey Music Bridge, Robert Kendor Music, Inc.
Vibraphone Solos
Adagio Albinoni (Arr. G. Parks) Dutch Music Partners
Adagio Beethoven, Ludwig Music / Howard Peterson Belwin Mills Publishing Corp.
Marimba Solos / Marimba Transcriptions
Adagio Corelli / Fink, Ron Studio 4 Productions, CA
Unknown Mallet Quartets
Adagio. Moevs, Robert Calabrese Brothers Music, LLC
Adoramus Te Palestrina / Dutton, James Manuscript
Marimba Solos
Adoramus Te, Christe Palestrina / Fincher Manuscript
Mallet Quintets
Adventures of Ivan Khachaturian, Aran / Stevens, L.H. Keyboard Percussion Publications, 1990
Marimba Solos
Aeolian Fantasy Gauthreaux, Guy Unknown
Marimba Solos
Aeon Pritsker, Gene Calabrese Brothers Music, LLC
African Fantasy on Joy to the World / Ayres, Jesse
Unknown Marimba Solos / Marimba Transcriptions / Vibraphone Solos / Xylophone Solos
African River Krohn, Matthias / Schwarz, Andreas Codamusic Tone Productions
African Sun Walk Moore, Dan Row-Loff Productions
Tuned Percussion Ensembles
Afro Jazz Lazaro, A.
Mallet Quintets
Afro-Onyx Hatch, Earl Hollywood: Marimbas Unlimited, 1971
Marimba Collections
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