Tuned Percussion

A fantastic selection of tuned percussion pieces here. A wide range of music for marimba, vibraphone, xylophone and much more... Experimental pieces for 2 and 4 mallet technique. Fantastic recital pieces can be found in this section. You can also check out the music first by exploring information, MP3 clips and videos.

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
After School Rag Ukena SMC
Marimba Solos
After Syrinx II Bennett, Richard Rodney Manuscript
Marimba Solos
After the Storm Spencer, Julie (1962-) SPENCER-BLUME
Marimba Solos
Afternoon in March Koshinski, Gene Gene Koshinski
Agia Triada Tredemann, Hans Jachim Frankfurt: Zimmerman, 1983
Marimba Solos
Agnus Dei Palestrina / Moore Permus Publications
Unknown Mallet Quartets
Ah que Indio Traditional / Chenoweth, Vida HoneyRock Music Pub.
Marimba Solos - Marimba Collections
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life Herbert / F. Henry Klickmann MS PUB.
Xylophone solos
Ahania Hachimura, Yoshio (1938-) Hawkins
Mallet Duets
Ahania, Op. 9a Hachimura, Yoshio (1938-) Unpublished
Marimba Solos
Air from Water Music Handel, G.F. / Jeanne Permus Publications
Mallet Quartets
Ajax Men of Science Burton, Gary Glenview, IL: Creative Music
Vibraphone Solos
Akimbo Moerlen, Benoit Editions Francois Dhalmann
Marimba Solos
Al Fresco Herbert / F. Henri Klickmann MS PUB.
Xylophone solos
Ala Zurke, Rag Doll Rag, Temptation Revamp, Waltz Breuer, Harry (1901-1989) NY: Lang Percusson
Marimba Collections / Xylophone Solos
Alabama Moon Green, George H. (1893-1970) / Cahn, William Honeyrock Publishing
Xylophone Solos / Mallet Quintets
Alborada del Gracioso Ravel, Maurice (Arr. Ancona, James) Tapspace Publications
Alborada del Gracioso Ravel, Maurice / Safri Duo / Max Leth Alfred Publishing
Mallet Duets
Album for the Young, Op 68 Schumann, Robert / Bolton, Calvin C. Alan Publications
Marimba Solos / Marimba Transcriptions
Album for the Young, Op. 39 Tschaikowsky / Stevens, Leigh Howard Keyboard Percussion Publications, 1991
Marimba Solos / Transcriptions
Album for the Young, Op. 68 Schumann, Robert / Stevens, L.H. Keyboard Percussion Publications, 1991
Marimba Solos / Transcriptions
Alegrias Sarmientos, Jorge (1931-) Southern Percussion
Alexander`s Waltz Giesecke, Mark Andres / Giesecke, Mark Andres Honeyrock Publishing
Vibraphone Solos
All Alone by the Vibraphone Feldman, Victor GWYN Publishing Co.
Vibraphone Methods - Vibraphone Solos
All I Want to Do Molenhof, Bill The Contemporary Music Project
Mallet Duets
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