Untuned Percussion

Contains information of music written for Untuned / Multiple Percussion. Listen to our MP3 archives as we show you some groovy pieces for multi-percussion setups! An infinate amount of instruments under this category but to list a few, Bass drums, Tom-Toms, WoodBlocks, Cowbells, Snare Drums, Tambourines, Maracas, Bongos, Congas and much more....

Piece Title Composer Publisher Difficulty Category Genre
Discourse of Insects Eric Richards ACA/ACE Amer. Comp. Alliance
Multiple Percussion Solos
Discovery Ethan Fort (Unpublished)
Distant Thunder for flute, one percussion and piano Vogel, Roger (1947-) Brixton Publications
Dolcissima Mia Vita Hachimura, Yoshio Manuscript
Multiple Percussion Solos
Doppelganger Gay Kirk Tapspace Publications
Double Concerto for Two Percussion and Orchestra Cahn, William (1946-) Cirone Publications
Multiple Percussion Solos / Percussion Duets / Concerto
Downside-Up Stephens Studio 4 Productions
Multiple Percussion Solos
Drachten-Elisabeth Reilly, John "Mark" Tapspace Publications
Drawings Set No. 9 Hodkinson, Sydney (1934) Merion Music Inc.
Dream Sequence for trombone (or euphonium) and percussion quartet Buss, Howard (1951-) Brixton Publications
Drum Set Suite Fink, Siegfried (1928-) Zimmermann
Multiple Percussion Solos / Drum Set Solos
Drum Set Suite Fink, Ron (1937-) Fink Publishing Co.
Unknown Multiple Percussion Solos / Drum Set Solos
DrumBeat Brindle, Reginald Smith Southern Percussion
Drumstec II Delecluse, Jacques Alphonse Leduc
Multiple Percussion Solos
Dry Bones Geary, Aidan Southern Percussion
Dualites Miyamoto A Editions Francois Dhalmann
Multiple Percussion Solos
Duet for Percussion and Keyboards Serry, John Studio 4 Productions
Unknown Multiple Percussion Solos / Percussion and Keyboard
Duet No. 3 Shiloah, Eldad Alfonce Production
Duet no. 5 (Fantasque) Shiloah, Eldad Published by the Composer
Duet to It Wooton, John Row-Loff Productions
Duet Trio Gottry, Josh Gottry Percussion Publications
Duets (1974) Lockwood, Larry Paul Price Publications
Dusting the Connecting Link Hollinden, Dave (1958-) Published by the Composer
Dwanda Febel, Reinhard Musik und Buhnenverlag
Multiple Percussion Solos / Percussion and Keyboard
Dwandwa Febel, Reinhard (1952-) ED.MORERN
Multiple Percussion Solos
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